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Fast and Compliant

Incorporating a new company requires that you consider how to do so as efficiently as possible and in compliance with local rules, regulations, and procedures.

It can be overwhelming to learn so much about a new country when setting up a company or subsidiary, especially in an international market.

A Legal Entity Of Company Formation In Bangladesh

The process of forming a company in a foreign jurisdiction is never straightforward. There is a wide variance in obligations, procedures, timelines, languages, and costs from country to country, as well as between cities and provinces.

Banglamart is the world’s leading expert on cross-border company formation, offering services to help with company formation all over the world. We provide comprehensive services delivered by experienced teams of local experts, giving you an insider’s perspective on more than 80 jurisdictions worldwide.

How We Set Up Company Formation / Incorporation in Bangladesh

Partnering Up

To establish a business in Bangladesh, you may need a partner from one of the Middle East countries. We at Helpline Group can assist you with finding a Bangladesh partner.

Setting up
Setting up a Business

The activities involved in setting up a business in Bangladesh differ depending on the industry and type of company. The Helpline Group can guide and assist you in establishing a business.

Registrar of Licenses

It is possible that you will need to obtain additional licenses before you can operate your business in Bangladesh. You can get these licenses in Bangladesh with the assistance of Helpline Group.

Services Market
Services Marketing

A proper branding strategy will assist your business in realizing its goals and build a strong reputation for your goods and/or services, keeping your brand image in the minds.

The Legal Framework For Business Registration in Bangladesh


Taxes In Bangladesh: For Business 

1. For Bangladesh companies (registered in the jurisdiction) the corporate tax is 30%

2. MSME companies with profits less than 250 crores in 2016/2017 are taxed at 25%

3. A foreign company has to pay 40 percent corporate tax, plus an additional 2.5% fee

4. 15-30% of income tax on the salaries of foreign specialists

5. The amount of all taxes increase by 2% because of tax on the formation

6. 1% of the value of all the company’s property (excluding debt)

Bangladesh’s economy includes a diverse range of companies that perform a wide range of activities. Here are some of the major business structures you’ll find when analyzing the economic performance of a country.

What Makes Us Different

We are well known for providing our clients with top-notch business consultation from our team of Financial Advisors, Legal Consultants, and certified business accountants. Our goal is to provide you with tailored tailor made advice and solutions that consistently add value to your business. We differ from others because of our Proactive Thought Leadership approach and our wealth of experience. Our services are managed by a team of experts to deliver quality. A One-Stop-Shop for all your needs- Financial, Legal, Compliances, Consultations and Advisory, Entry into Bangladesh

What Makes Us Different

Foreign Company Incorporation Packages in Bangladesh.

Banglamart provides critical administrative services to clients around the world, helping them invest and operate safely. No matter how many borders you cross, how many employees you have or how big your business is, we have the support you need to expand, operate, and grow while staying compliant.

FAQs For Company Formation Services

Company Registration in Bangladesh – Procedure and Benefits With Bangla Mart!