Perfect Company Secretary

  1. It is mandatory for the corporate secretary to be a Bangladeshi citizen.
  2. Corporate secretaries cannot be directors or shareholders who are sole shareholders. 
  3. Limited liability partnerships and sole proprietorships do not need secretary.

Company Secretarial Services At Your Doorstep

The company secretary is the top administrative officer of a private or public company. The company must ensure that all legal and financial requirements set by the jurisdiction in which it was incorporated are met.

Organizations and individuals can face harsh consequences for failing to comply with local regulations. Your entities, wherever they are located, should be financially stable, business decisions implemented correctly, and necessary changes can be effected in a timely manner.

Our Company Secretarial Firm Provide Following Services

Qualified secretary

Secretary Qualified

We will hire a locally qualified person to list your company’s ACRA records who will look into your issues.

Compliance with ACRA

Compliance with ACRA

A company secretary is essential for every company. This requirement will be met by a qualified individual.

Lockable Cabinate

Lockable Cabinate

Our virtual mailing address is a digital mailbox address that can be accessed from your computer or mobile device.

Annual Returns

Annual Returns

We can help you to find a new secretary. Your new Secretary will file your annual returns with ACRA. 

Important Deadline

Important Deadlines 

Our compliance department monitors and communicates deadlines to your company. We monitor tax returns & more.

Safety is a Priority

Safety is a Priority

The Company Secretary will keep all official documents and correspondence in a secure place. 

We Provide Global Company Secretarial Services

Our Special Engagements in Bangl (2)

Our Special Engagements in Bangladesh

Our experienced and qualified corporate secretarial team can provide you with the following special services to meet the statutory compliance requirements and corporate governance obligations resulting from businesses’ corporate restructuring exercises. We can also assist with:

1. We buy back shares
2. Currency conversion of share capital
3. Shares are allocated
4. Shares transferred
5. Reduction of share capital
6. Striking-off application
7. A short-form fusion
8. Capitalization of shares
9. Opening a bank account

Corporate Secretarial & Legal Services

The person responsible for providing corporate secretarial services is in charge of ensuring that the company complies with the law. This involves drafting, maintaining and organizing multiple essential documents.

Reducing Risk
Reducing Risk

We have experienced in-country experts who know the local laws, culture, and customs that affect legal and regulatory compliance.

Maintain Control
Maintain Control

Our global reporting and single point of contact let you operate globally. All activities are visible and aligned with the standards .

Managing Costs
Managing Costs

You can choose which currency or location to invoice in, and the costs are transparent and controllable. Get in touch.

Let An Experienced Secretary Manage Your Work Routine

Keep your statutory books and your ACRA compliance filings up-to-date in order to keep your companies managed. We at BanglaMart take care of this task for you, which means we make it a lot easier for you, so you can concentrate more on running your business.

FAQs For Co-Working Space Services

Corporate Law & Secretarial Support in Operations in Bangladesh.

Corporate Law & Secretarial Support in Operations of a corporate business entity including ‘Business Set-Up services’ in Dhaka.