Restorative Company

The Companies Registrar can restore your company if it was struck off the register and dissolved.

We ensure you remain abreast of the legal requirements that could affect your business. A company restoration can be applied for if you were a director or shareholder.

We Handle Your Company  Strike Off In A Easy Way

BanglaMart also provides a simple and efficient way of striking off a company without having to go through a lengthy liquidation process and without High Court intervention. Generally this section gives the Registrar of Companies the power to Company Strike Off the name of a company from the Register of Companies on a basis. However, the company can also apply in the prescribed form after it has extinguished all its liabilities and has met some conditions for removing the company’s name.

We can provide more information by contacting you or by referring to our Company Strike Off Processing.

Winding Up Of A Private Limited Company In Bangladesh

Company Strike

1. Company Strike-Off 

We can help regardless of whether you are a professional firm acting on behalf of a client or just want your own company.

Advertise Your Strike Off

2. Advertise Your Strike Off

It is a requirement when a company is struck off the register that the strike-off be advertised in a daily newspaper published.

Strike Off Procedure

3. Strike Off Procedure

You can not only save money but also strike your company off for only fees with our limited-time offers!

Dissolution / Winding Up Of Private Limited Company

Compliance and Handling Of Company Strike

The Compliance And Handling Of Company Strike Off

Hence it isn’t easy to remove your company from the register of companies. So several formalities must be followed. You should also be prepared with all the closing papers. This process will not complete if you make a mistake at any point. You get peace of mind when you outsource your tasks to our team. We handle everything on your behalf. We also ensure all formalities are followed. Thus, the strike-off procedure can proceed smoothly.

How can we help you with company strike-off?
How long does it take ACRA to process a strike-off application?

BanglaMart is a professional Bangladeshi company registration services company registered with ACRA, acting on behalf of business owners and entrepreneurs in ACRA strike off company in Bangladesh. We offer one-hour strike off services to unregister your Bangladesh company conveniently and at an affordable rate. The application to strike off a company can be completed in one hour. If someone submits an application for strike-off , ACRA will process it within five working days.

We Save  Your Time & Costing

It may be easy for entrepreneurs to close a business in Bangladesh. The process is as simple as filing an application. The registrar office needs to visit multiple times to fulfill various formalities. Even worse, you have to contact the liquidator or act on his behalf to file pending returns. You would have to put in plenty of effort to do that. Time is the driving force behind anyone today. You may be eager to start a new business after closing a previous one in Bangladesh. You may not be able to devote time to the closing process, as a consequence. If you take the time to complete your formalities, you may lag behind in other important tasks.

Accountability And Convenience

It doesn’t matter whether you are an ordinary person or a corporate professional, everyone loves convenience. This applies to the closure of business as well. While you may not be starting a new business anytime soon, you’ll appreciate not having to deal with the hassles of closing a company. We offer the comfort and convenience you desire. The best part is that we are responsible for all of the strike-off company procedure in Bangladesh. You only need to supply us with the required papers and relax. Once the striking off formalities are complete, we’ll let you know the time to close the company. (Need More 7/8 lines More)

We Help You For Your Company Strike Off

Most people prefer our strike off company service because of our constant support. A lot of business owners think that closings of company covers all the problems. It’s true that certain issues could arise later on. It is possible that the registrar needs clarification on certain papers . We can provide enhanced support for such concerns. Our service is worth the investment once.

How The Strike-Off Process Differs From Winding Up A Company

A majority of business owners think of winding up their company when they want to shut it down. The process of winding up is another option, but it is more formal. To manage the realization and distribution of the company’s assets, appoint a liquidator .

It is generally better to strike off companies that haven’t been active or that don’t own assets or liabilities. On the other hand, as there is no other option that to wound up the insolvent companies. This point can be comprehensively addressed by a service that specializes in the strike-off company procedure.

The authority announce the location and The intention to strike off the company . There the company is at least three months in advance.

Our Roles & Responsibilities For Company Strike Off

1. Obtain Revenue’s written consent
2.  One can advertise Company Strike-offs in a daily newspaper

3. Make a directors’ declaration to the CRO and also pass a special resolution

4. You may have to have your own company voluntarily struck off.
5. Perhaps you do not have much experience with voluntary strike-offs.
6. Only solvent enterprises are eligible for voluntary striking off.

You may have to have your own company voluntarily struck off, or perhaps you do not have much experience with voluntary strike-offs.

Offering The Safest Says Of Company Dissolution In The Financial Sector

It might be difficult to close a company in Bangladesh. If you close your business, you are likely to miss out on many important points. The best option is to rely on an expert like us. We operate on a fee-for-strike off service basis.

FAQs For Business Strike Off Services

Company strike off in the following situations :
It occurs when a company fails to commence operations within one year of incorporation.
When a company has not engaged in any active business or operation for a period of two immediately preceding financial years and has not applied for Dormant Company status during that time.

When someone strikes off a company, the company register removes the name, and it would be unable to trade, sell assets, make payments, or take part in any other business activity.  New companies get the name of the old companies.

Usually, the process of dissolving a company usually takes at least 3 months, but the duration can vary significantly if the process is complex. It is usual for a company to cease to exist after 3 months. The authority publishes it after its winding-up notice.

You can expect it to take 1-2 months, but it can take up to 5 months to incorporate company in Bangladesh or the UK.

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