Unaudited Financial Statements

A company entity’s accounting and finance departments frequently put together unaudited financial statements for internal use in management.

Basic Unaudited Financial Statements

Organizations that are not required to have their financial accounts audited often do so anyway. The Audit and Assurance Faculty of BanglaMart provides individuals considering commissioning assurance services with practical advice and guides.

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Compilation of accounts or reports refers to the preparation of the unaudited financial statements of a private company. To get a clear picture of a company’s financial position, profit and loss statements, a balance sheet, and a financial statement are all prepared.

The company’s Annual General Meetings, tax filing, and shareholder reporting require the unaudited financial statements. You can use this service to apply for bank loans, government grants, and to meet regulatory criteria in specialized industries.

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1. Directors and Report
2. Income Statement
3. Financial Statements
Equity Change
4. Equity Change
cash flow statement
5.  Cash Flow Statement
Statement Notes
6. Statement Notes

Our Special Procedure For Unaudited Financial Statement

Our Preparation Of Unaudited Annual Financial Statements

The compilation report or unaudited financial statements is usually filed with IRAS and ACRA. It is important to prepare a compilation report as well as filing with ACRA and IRAS during the AGM. BengalMart Services helps you keep track of all the changes and implement them in the unaudited financial statements as required, ensuring that your business stays in the good books of the financial market regulators.


Exemptions From Statutory Audit

It is still your responsibility to prepare and file unaudited annual financial statements, even if you are exempt from statutory audits. To calculate and prepare your company’s corporate tax return, you can use the annual financial statements. You do not need to appoint an auditor within three months of incorporation, however, if you are exempt from audit.

An audit of financial records is a legally required review. Statutory audits serve to certify the financial statements of companies and public entities. Auditors provide stakeholders such as investors and shareholders with information about the accuracy of companies’ accounts. You can obtain unaudited financial statements from us if your firm qualifies as a dormant or limited one.

How Can We Help You Prepare the Unaudited Financial Statements Report?

BangladeshMart is a professional company with qualified staff. We are members of Bangladesh’s associations of professional bodies: the Institute of Bangladesh Chartered Accountants, the Bangladesh Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals, and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Reasonable and affordable fees. We offer net pricing with no hidden costs. We were able to meet the tight deadline of ACRA and IRAS. Our general turnaround time is 5 to 10 working days from when we receive all relevant information and documents.

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If you have not subjected your financial statement to an independent verification and review process by ACRA, it is unaudited. The financial statements remain unaudited until they have been inspected and approved by an external auditor.

Our Compilation of Financial Statements Services

Bangladesh Company’s Commission has decided to exempt certain categories of private companies from audits starting in 2018.

The small business would have to submit and lodge unaudited financial statements to SSM. According to a subsection of the Companies Act 2016, these financial statements must be in accordance with applicable approved accounting standards. We have over 15 years of experience preparing financial statements for our clients, and we have the expertise to ensure that your unaudited financial statements meet SSM requirements.

The financial statements will prepare in accordance with the approved accounting standards: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Equity Change Statement .  The preparation of accounting standards-compliant notes to financial statements.

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Our success will be built on our Professional Unaudited Financial Statement Services attitude. We succeed because we strictly follow our service approach to resolve your issues. All businesses understand time is money. Our goal is to minimize time spent on administrative work so that you can focus on your core business. We hope you will help spread the word about our work by recommending this site to business owners you may know who need our services, possibly through word of mouth or social media. We are here to help Bangladeshi Business Owners achieve higher rates of return for their Bangladeshi company.


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Our management team is highly experienced in accounting, auditing, taxation, and different business advisory. We believe that we are capable of providing compliance services to our clients.

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BanglaMart Services believes in running a lean and agile business. The economy is stimulated and value is generated throughout. The challenge lies in sustaining the business, however. This is why we see this as an opportunity. The accounting process will be simplified for all business owners so that they are presented with numbers, and an actionable plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The financial statement has the following limitations:

  1. We are unable to provide a true and fair financial picture.
  2. Accounting for historical costs.
  3. Information of poor quality.
  4. The future is unclear.
  5. Information not provided promptly.

The following internal parties follow the financial statements:

  1. Inheritor
  2. Managing Authority
  3. Auditor internal

Income statement or a comprehensive income statement can record revenue income and expenditure statement.

Statements of income come in two forms. They are:

  1. Income Statement in a single step
  2. The multi-step or comprehensive income statement.

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