Co-Living as Shared Living Spaces

 Stay Stress-Free Co-Living in Banglamart

The concept of Co-Living space in today’s world appears to be more than just a housing model; it has also evolved into a solution for the booming younger generations. Make sure the company you are considering has a working website and is a legitimate business. Take your time when touring potential living spaces and try to imagine how you’d feel if you lived there every day.

Shared Co-Living

Shared Co-Living

The design of Banglamart’s houses makes it easier for people to share a home’s space and programs while eliminating the huffs associated with living with roommates. Get in touch with BanglamartBD’s coliving.

Co-Living Space

Common Private Living

Bangladesh is a country with every culture, style and language you can think of. There are beautiful Common Private Living areas with fantastic amenities.

Short Rentals

Short Rentals

The most basic definition of Short Term Rentals is a rental that lasts for less time than a normal lease term. You can even rent desks and rooms by the hour or day through some Short-term rental services. 


Studio Aptt Rentals

Studio apartments have now become common in Dhaka. You don’t need to share anything with anyone. It is fully equipped with an AC, fridge, and smart TV. This aptt is equipped. Our Studio aptt rental best then others.

One Bed Room, Shared House

1-Bed Room Rental

We offer 1-bedroom suites with views of the skyline, comfort, and luxury that you have always dreamed of. The benefits of co-living spaces include reducing living costs and adding value to the comfort of residents. 

Tow Bed Room

2-Bed Room Rental

People can live with others who share their interests at a low cost through the co-living movement. The most comfortable two-bedroom suite for you can be found through us. We offer all the amenities you require. 

Take Our Co-living Space at Your Doorstep

The four stages of the process are designed to help us understand the trends of global, local, and individual members. BanglamartBD does not support copying and pasting, only communities custom-built by users for users. We at BanglamartBD are committed to eliminating the hassles associated with sharing a home’s space and operation with roommates.

Our services range from free toilet paper to professional cleaning. BanglamartBD aims to make co-living desirable and affordable for all types of residents, while also creating new, diverse opportunities and maintaining a strong community through smart architectural design, event planning, and resident support.

The Space provides residents with a private bedroom, a fully furnished living area, a shared kitchen, and many more wonderful amenities. It may seem like a very typical roommate situation at first glance, and some people even refer to Co-living Space homes as dormitories for adults. They truly provide much more.

Take Our Best Facility and Enjoy Your Living With BanglamartBD

A co-living space appears to have evolved into more than just a housing model in today’s world; it has also become a solution for the booming younger generations. Make sure the company you are considering has a working website and is a legitimate business. When looking at suitable residences, take your time and consider how you would feel if you lived there. We provide:

  1. Washing clothes
  2. The kitchen
  3. Aquatic pools
  1. Spaces for work
  2. Tourism areas
  3. Exercise facilities
  1. Free Internet access
  2. Room for meetings
  3. 24/7 Security service

The Co-living Community Pillars

There are many layers to the community. BangladeshMartBD provides a structure to support the organic growth of our communities. We offer a variety of targeted activities and events. We make living easy, engaging, fun, and productive!

1. Engaging in Meaningful Activities

We facilitate collaborations and connections with members and the local communities by creating an open, inviting environment. Our charity events and community dinners create powerful experiences that members will never forget.

2. Digestive Development

Professional development is an essential part of every person’s life, a process of learning and growing every day. We strive to make our members successful. Our members receive tailored support and events.

FAQs For Co-Living Spaces

Our apartments include private studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms, perfect for couples. We also have rooms that can accommodate couples in our coliving suites and homes. They feature a queen-size bed and a private bathroom.

The bathrooms in our studios, one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments are completely private. Each coliving suite has a private ensuite bathroom, or a shared bathroom – typically with one other person. The rent for our coliving homes includes weekly cleanings and household supplies, so even if you share a bathroom with a suitemate, you won’t have to worry about whose turn it is to clean or buy toilet paper.

You will get access to discounts at local and national brands, keyless entry, smart TVs, on-site laundry, and community events as a Common member!

We also provide regular cleaning of each suite within a coliving community (including the bathrooms! ), utilities, WiFi, cooking supplies, and a beautifully furnished shared apartment in a coliving community.

The Commons provides a variety of living options to suit a variety of budgets and needs, from coliving spaces to microunits and private studios to one- and two-bedroom apartments. You’ll find convenience, value, comfort, and a sense of community, no matter what you choose.

Find the Co-living Space That Fits Your Needs at Your Desired Location!