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Our 1-Bed Room Rental service gives you the comfort, luxury, and views of the skyline you’ve always dreamed of. Co-living spaces provide many benefits, including reducing the cost of living and adding value to the comfort of residents. Our service for one-room apartments is dependable and strong. We provide our clients with immense comfort and dedication so that they do not experience any discomfort. A cozy and comfortable living space, bundled with a strong security system, comes with a warm, friendly atmosphere with us.

1. There are strong security measures in place in our rooms.
2. We offer a hospitable and cozy environment for our guests.
3. Our customers are not kept waiting for long periods of time.
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1-Bed Room Rental Flat – 3 Flexible Services Of BanglamartBD

Those who rent might find it more attractive than owning, as renting has its advantages. It is sometimes more cost-effective for them to rent a building than to own a permanent address. 

Room Rental

Choices Available

Room renting allows renters to choose the place they want to live from any that is available. They can practically live anywhere they want. Even in expensive areas, we help our clients find a place to live that is affordable.

Room Rental

Availability of Amenities

The one-bedroom suite service comes with additional amenities and add-on services that we provide. The homeowners have access to the luxuries that come with the room at no additional cost.

Room Rental

Tenant-fixed Rent

The amount of rent being paid by customers will be fixe until the lease agreement is over. And also it enables budgeting to be efficient as it is a monthly fixed cost. Moreover, renters have access to affordable housing options.

 Why Choose Us For 1-Bed Room Apartments Services?

Here Are Some of Our Exclusive Services

Banglamart Apartments provides exceptional apartment and community amenities including boat rentals, because of beach! Although you’ll enjoy having access to country clubs nearby if golf is your thing. Here is our complete amenity package. If you like to learn get 1-bed room rental services, contact us! At the present time that you’ve seen our amenities, check out our floor plans or contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to Room, BanglamartBD’s luxury living!

  1. Wi-Fi for the community
  2. The clubhouse is spacious
  3. Grill area with lounge
  1. 24/7 Fitness Gym
  2. Travel Concierge
  3. Units of storage
  1. Parking garages
  2. Cafe and Tea Bar
  3. Open-Air Entrance

Premium Of 1 Bed Room

Our 1-Bedroom Premier offers luxurious contemporary living for visitors to Dubai. The apartment features a fully equipped kitchen, an en-suite bathroom at the same time housekeeping services, air conditioning, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi. It features an open-plan living and dining area for entertaining or relaxing after a long day of adventure, as well as a king-sized bed for one or two guests. Additionally guests can be accommodate with an additional bed.

Have a Look Of Our 1 Bedroom Suites Features

We do not only focus on the current developments, but also on future infrastructure that will increase the quality of life for our clients. Our customers can access anything that grows near them in the future as well for their comfort.

You can access the facilities
I hope you enjoy the looks

Our company values such additions that can impact the desirability of the surroundings. And also we make sure that our clients’ budgets aren’t push beyond the limits.

Stay at Banglamart’s 1 Room Suite and Feel At Home!

  1. It can accommodate a group of up to 15 persons. A professional presentation, an interview, or a training session would all benefit from this item.
  2. Our meeting space can be rented by the hour or by the day. Only pay for what you require!
  3. In addition to our newly renovated meeting rooms, you will appreciate the high quality of our services. Our staff can provide you with beverages such as coffee, tea, and water.
  4. Our amenities include a high-speed internet connection, a whiteboard, and a large screen where you can participate in a Skype video conference.
  5. During your meeting, our team will support you and look after your well-being.
  6. Printing, scanning, and faxing functions are available on a pay.
Banglamart’s-1-Room Rental

4 Extra Services Of Our 1 Bed Room Apartments

Your home should be close to your work. Our serviced 1-bed room rental apartments and suites are strategically located near Banglamart’s IT-hub and financial district – with exceptional amenities. 

1. Paying Directly

BanglaMartBD can directly charge the company for the expenses incurred by employees while staying at our apartments if you are partnered with us.

3. Convenient Locations

We strategically place our properties close to the IT-hub and financial district of Banglamart to enable our guests to save time commuting.

2. Work Friendly

Our suites and apartments have Wi-Fi, Power Backup, Work Desks, Personal Wardrobes and other facilities that help teams stay and work together.

4. Affordable Prices

We offer self-serve amenities like a Kitchen, Washing Machines, and Parking to reduce costs on things we don’t need

Find Our 1 Bed Room For Living And Get Relaxed !

Banglamart has expanded from one serviced apartment in 2010 to 10 apartments in the city, and completed over 1 million room nights. The mark of our achievement continues to be our ‘Home Away From Home’ experiences offered to guests visiting the city on business, leisure, or medical visits. We have studio and one bedroom apartments for rent in Basundhara, Dhaka for corporate executives who work out of Bangladesh. We provide short and long term rentals of furnished apartments in different sizes ranging from Studios to 1-Bed Room Rental Apartments, 2 bed room & Three Bedroom Apartments with individual kitchens and living rooms.

FAQs For 1-Bed Room Rental Services

BanglaMart conveniently offers both short and long term rentals in Bangladesh. With leases on flats in Bangladesh starting at just 30 days and extending upwards for months, a year or even longer, you have the flexibility to choose how long you choose to call BanglaMart home.

I think so! Many of our Bangladesh houses allow pets, so you can bring your pooch along! If you are looking for a pet-friendly furnished apartment in Bangladesh on a monthly basis, simply select the “Pets Allowed” filter when searching for Bangladesh apartments.

BanglaMart offers university students a nontraditional alternative to student housing by giving them access to the area’s best amenities while offering all the comforts of home. You can find a studio apartment in Bangladesh or a spacious two- or three-bedroom apartment suitable for roommates on BanglaMart.

BanglaMart’s serviced apartments in Bangladesh are available for expats and foreigners, and often close to offices or Bangladesh Metro stations. You may be seeking Bangladesh corporate housing or a long-term lease in Bangladesh 

Need to Extend Your Stay? Banglamart Offers One-bed Room Rentals with Discounts.