Common Private Living

Private Bedroom

Every member has their own room, complete with a nightstand, lamp, and a comfortable bed.

Onsite laundry

Never again will you have to lug your dirty clothes into the laundromat. laundry is available in all Common houses.


Simply put in a request if you’re ready to transfer to another room or residence inside the Common community.

 We Offer The Following Services For Common Private Living Room

BanglamartBdD’s living is more than a hotel, it’s a brand-new share private living concept place with private studios, apartment-style rooms, and a variety of recreational amenities and community living spaces. Live your best co-living life at the same time our newest site in Bangladesh, which is ideal for both long and short-term stays.

Free High-speed WiFi

Our homes are design for high-speed, commercial-grade WiFi, which is supply at no extra charge.


Fully Furnished
Household Supplies
Onsite Laundry
High-end Kitchen

At Banglamart, every kitchen is fully equip with high-end equipment, dishware, and other necessities.  


Furnished Rooftop Deck
Basic Supplies

We supply essential household staples including pots, pans, dishes, paper towels, and soap.


Community Events
Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool

Why Choose BanglaMartBD For Common Privet Living 

We Ensure Peace of Mind in the New Normal

Entry is restrict to only those who are welcome and well, thanks to round-the-clock security and a 24-hour concierge/reception desk. Equally essential, the cheerful front desk and housekeeping personnel are educat to be aware and ready to assist whenever necessary. So that you can relax entirely, we take hygiene very seriously.

We Provide Guaranteed Personalized Service

Our team consists of season professionals, including a dedicate housekeeper who has been educat to understand your preferences. They are dedicated to meeting individual needs and preferences, as much as finding the ideal pillow from a large selection of pillows rated for firmness and health benefits. Alternatively, creating special meals for people with unique dietary requirements.

Grocery shopping and meal preparation assistance
Changing of linens, light housekeeping, and laundry

If you’d prefer a local’s perspective on the city, they can even tailor a tour for you. We welcome you to see for yourself how our team will go above and beyond to delight you.

Personalized Service

Be Confident & Independent at Home With Our Common Private Living

When everyday tasks become difficult, personal private caregiver assistance can make all the difference. Living at home becomes more pleasurable and secure as a result of that boost of support. Banglamart provides a variety of in-home solutions to assist families with aging parents or spouses who choose to remain at your home altogether. Also, it’s a relief for family members to know that if they are unable to attend, one of our trusted team members will step in to help. As long as you have to like bring your entire family to town. That’s how concerned we are.

  1. Dressing and grooming
  2. Hygiene and bathing
  3. Toileting
  1. Mobility and transference
  2. Medication management
  3. Meal planning and preparation
  1. Light housekeeping
  2. Shopping and running errands
  3. Monitoring

A Cleaning House

There’s no muss, no fuss. Every day, our dedicated housekeepers and engineers guarantee that you return to a clean and well-maintained space. The proactive maintenance inspections will replace the light bulb and, if necessary, repair the air conditioning before you even notice it. However, if you prefer to do your own laundry – whether because laundry fees can build up over time, you like to travel light, or you don’t want to risk harming a delicate garment — there are always self-service laundrettes or a washer/dryer in your own apartment to help you travel light.

We Welcome Kids and Pets | | Find Our Best Play Zone

Parents, go ahead and do your thing without worrying about your kids. There are child-friendly amenities, such as a children’s pool, an outdoor playground, an indoor playroom, and babysitter services, to look after them.

Strategic Locations with Great Accessibility
Discover your dream home in Bangladesh

If you have a pet, your furry friends are welcome as well, just not in the pool. Allow your pet dog or cat to accompany you in a pet-friendly serviced apartment, and feel free to walk them in the public spaces and outdoor areas of the building.

Get Banglamart’s Best Feature: A Perfect Inside Of Co-living

The world, like our way of life, is evolving in fascinating ways. Banglamart Living is all about the future of living, and it’s all about creating an inspiring community and an ideal lifestyle based on openness and sharing. Banglamart is a great place to stay for both long and short visits, and it’s design to be your home for as long as you need it to be. Discover a smarter, more convenient way of life where you may live, work, play, and more while maintaining a sense of community when you want it and privacy when you don’t.


Private Studio

Fully Furnished


Shared Rental


The Bottom Line

Our common private living have private duty service, Personalized Living, provides access to senior living professionals as well as a coordinated array of social, advising, wellness, home care, and even cleaning services. Housekeeping, meal preparation, litter box cleaning, grocery shopping, and other domestic chores It can make regular calls to check in on a loved one, remind them of medical appointments, pay payments, or even clean the house, bring in the mail, and water plants while they are away. We’ll be there for you whether you need help for a few hours a day, 24-hour care and companionship, or respite care from dedicated care. 

FAQs For Common Private Living Room Services

Our private duty service, Personalized Living, provides access to senior living professionals as well as a coordinated array of social, advising, wellness, home care, and even cleaning services. In the comfort and privacy of your own home, receive the attention and help you require.

Before being employed, our caregivers often go through a pre-hire skills exam, a criminal background check, and offer a list of references to ensure they match Banglamart standards. Caregivers frequently receive specialized training and ongoing education after they are hired.

Your rent includes community activities, on-demand property management via the Connect by app, access to discounts at local and national companies, keyless entry, Smart TVs, on-site laundry, and more as a Banglamart member.

The application procedure is simple and can be completed entirely online or in-person if you live in the area. You’ll start by filling out the application form on our website and chatting with one of our house experts. Then, if you’re in the neighborhood, you can take an in-person tour, or if you’re far away, we can take you on a virtual tour. You can reserve the accommodation at that time while we run a background check, and if everything checks up, you sign your lease.

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