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BanglaMart provides employee background verification services to our valued clients’ prospective and current employees so that they can get the most out of their employees. It is critical for any organization to hire the right candidate in order to grow. Given the possibility of misconduct and fraud in the hiring process, businesses have become extremely cautious. Our Bangladeshi employee screening platform enables you to choose the best candidates for your company at a lower cost and in less time. With BanglaMart, you can expect real-time access to employee information as well as quality assurance and accurate analysis.

BanglaMart’s comprehensive suite of pre-employment and employment screening services includes a real-time picture of employees’ current data, allowing you to select the best candidate for your cherished company.

1. Personnel research
2. Secure data collection
3. Multiple and accurate sources

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BanglaMart ensures your safety. You should never have to question whether or not you can trust a coworker. Background checks can alleviate common concerns (for example, is my employee a violent criminal?). Is one of my employees a liar? Is my coworker a thief? Etc.) and provide you with the peace of mind you require to run your company effectively.

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Our Banglamart experts collaborate with you to create a screening program that is customized to your company’s needs.

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Supportive Agents

Our international-certified customer support team, based in Bangladesh, is available to you and your candidates.



You and your candidates will receive regular status updates as well as complete copies of the background check results.

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Our experts keep track of hiring laws and keep you informed, and built-in workflows help you stay in compliance.

Packeges Services


Use pre-built packages to save time or create custom packages to meet specific requirements. Get our easy package system.

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Central Control

Use central control and consistent processes to manage recruiting complexities across multiple locations.

Pre-Employment and Criminal Background Checks Services

Verifying Your Work History With World-Class Expertise

Employers check a candidate’s work history to ensure that the information provided is accurate, that the work experience is sufficient to meet the position’s requirements, and that previous titles, accomplishments, or responsibilities are accurate. By removing the burden from busy hiring teams, using a third-party to conduct Employment Verifications speeds up the hiring process like banglamart.com. 

  1. Employment verification aids you in the following ways:
  2. Hire qualified candidates faster
  3. Verify that your candidate’s work history is correct.
  4. Verify that your candidate possesses the necessary skills and experience.
  5. Reduce the chances of hiring a candidate with forged credentials.






Stay Relief With Our Criminal Background Checks

A thorough criminal background check can help you build a trustworthy team while also reducing risk and safeguarding your company reputation. Using criminal record background checks during the hiring process benefits you in the following ways:

Hire qualified candidates first.
Reduce risk by establishing a safe and secure workplace
Keep assets, employees, and customers safe.
Defend your company against liability claims.
Maintain the reputation and trustworthiness of your organization in the community.
Make reasonable decisions in order to hire people who deserve a second chance.
Comply with all applicable Government, local, and industry regulations
Adhere to the company’s hiring policies.

 We also provide customized criminal background check services and ready to keep your secrecy .

Accurate & Affordable Credit Check Services

Employment credit checks show a record of a person’s credit-to-debt ratio and past bankruptcies, providing insight into how someone has managed credit and bill payments in the past—an important indicator for positions where the employee will be handling or managing money. While credit checks for employment do not report credit scores, results may include:
1. Names and addresses of current and previous employers
2. Notifications of bankruptcies
3. A record of the individual’s credit and payment history
4. Any unpaid bills turned over to a collection agency
5. Other credit inquiries that have been made on the candidate

Our credit check services will boost up your confidence to hire the best applicant

Reduce Your Risks With Identity Checking Services

To determine whether the legal name, date of birth, and address provided are the candidate own, our Identity Verification Service employs knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions and the delivery of one-time passcode to verify phone numbers. The candidate experience at BanglaMart is seamlessly integrated with identity verification.

Conducting Identity Check Services For You

Every year, millions of identity are stolen, increasing the risk that candidates will use stolen identity when applying for jobs and conducting background checks. Your company can use an identity verification service to conduct an identity check to see if the candidate is who they say they are. When screening candidates, double-checking their identities adds an extra layer of security:

1. People interested in working from home.
2. Hire freelancers to supplement your existing workforce
3. The gig economy’s contractors
4. Jobs in the financial services sector
5. Employees of eCommerce businesses

Our Identity Check Service will offload your extra burden to find genuine employee and help you to concentrate on your core work

Why BanglaMart Different From Others?

BanglaMart Background Checks help you build a trustworthy team while also reducing risk and safeguarding your company reputation. Using pre-employment background screening as part of your hiring process benefits you in the following ways:


  1. Hire qualify candidates and make fair, informed decisions.
  2. Ensure a safe working environment and safeguard company assets
  3. Defend your company against claims.
  4. Adhere to all applicable federal, state, local, and industry regulations.
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Employee Background Check Services Company

BanglaMart’s platform provides candidates with a transparent, fair, and mutually respectful background check experience. Applicants with criminal records can add Context Comments to their reports, providing employers with a more picture before making hiring decisions. For you and your candidates, BanglaMart simply provides better employment screening. We also provide virtual office solution and phone answering services.

FAQs For Background Check Services

Because there are so many different types of background checks, the time required varies, but it usually ranges from a few minutes to up to five days.

When information is obtained digitally, the procedure can be completed quickly. The process can take longer if manual search are required or if other organizations must be consult. The BanglaMart process keeps both the employer and potential employees up to date on the status of their background checks and makes the results available to them immediately via a secure online portal.

International employees

Yes, international employees can be subjected to BanglaMart background checks if they currently reside in one of these countries. When considering candidates who have lived, studied, or worked in another country, it is critical for businesses to conduct international background checks.

Background checks can reveal a lot about an employee’s past, including their work history, education, criminal history, and so on. Because there are so many different types of background checks to choose from, employers will base their decision on the positions they’re hiring for and the information they need to make an informed decision.



The cost of background checks varies depending on the type of checks performed.

Employee Background Check Services Company in Dhaka.

BanglaMart team will check the candidate’s background completely before moving with him ahead to the next interview round.