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Company Registration in Bangladesh – Procedure and Benefits

A common question from international clients is how to set up a branch office in Bangladesh. As a result, our experts will walk you through the process of opening a branch office in Bangladesh.

Submit Documents

Submit Documents

Obtaining BIDA approval is the first step in opening a branch office in Bangladesh.

Register Branch

Register Branch Office

The final step is to register the branch office with the RJSC after receiving clearance.

Open Bank Account

Open Bank Account

After gaining approval, the next step is to open a bank account in Bangladesh.

Trade Liscense

Trade Liscense

An application must be submitted to the local city corporation to get a trade license.

Bank Approval

Bank Approval

The branch office must report to the Central Bank of Bangladesh after gaining approval.



VAT registration is required from the NBR to obtain a Business Identification Number.

Representative Office for Business Incorporation Registration in Dhaka

Bangladesh Branch Office Open as Liaison or Representative

A dependent form of the firm is a branch office, which means that its activities are totally managed by the parent company in terms of decision-making. A branch office provides a high level of authority in many nations worldwide.





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Affordably Open Foreign Branch

Setting up a representative or branch office in Bangladesh

We upload all documents to BIDA’s online portal, and hard copies should be supplied afterwards. BIDA staff will submit the application and documentation to the Inter-Ministerial Committee after thoroughly reviewing all materials. The Committee will go over the documents and may request further information or a physical presentation. The committee will provide their permission if they are satisfied. The Inter-Ministerial Committee meets twice a month on average. The typical time frame is one month or less.

Open Foreign Branch Office & Step Into Global Market

A Branch Office provides the benefits of easy service and simple closing. Nonetheless, because exchange control norms are rigidly enforced, a Branch may not provide the optimal structure for a foreign firm’s expansion/diversification goals. With prior BIDA clearance, a foreign company’s branch office can engage in commercial activities. With the prior consent of the Inter-Ministerial Committee and appropriate reason and supporting documents, a branch office may have a local source of revenue from a permitted business sector in Bangladesh.

FAQ For Foreign Branch Office Services

A Branch or Liaison Office is a proper legal entity after it is registered with the BIDA in Bangladesh.