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Types of Shared Workspace Can Facilitate All Your Need

Using our shared coworking spaces rent services, you may reserve the right location for any type of business gathering. Shared workspaces exist in different sizes and styles, from lavish buildings to innovation hubs to eco-friendly pods. They created various types of workers to meet the requirements. Let our talented staff transform your place to suit your unique needs.

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Private co shared space

Large teams or businesses that want a private room or entire floor can use these locations.

coworking spaces shared workSpace rent bd

Open co shared space

Have shared social areas and are accessible to employees from many companies.

Coworking spaces in Bangladesh

Corporate/Professional Space:

It is more private, quiet, and professional, uses less energy and dimmer lighting.

Shared Workspace Office for You in Dhaka

The Best Shared Workspace In The Heart Of Bangladesh

Businesses frequently have to change their office space due to the constantly changing nature of the work environment. Change is the next greatest thing you can implement, particularly when it comes to shared office space in Bangladesh. While the definition of a shared office or workplace is often unclear. So, it simply refers to a location where several individuals are working simultaneously. Additionally, it is a location or a space where numerous individuals work intermittently. Not to mention, a shared office space is a location where staff members from many companies have offices next to one another.

Advantages of A Shared Workspace:

1. Cost-effective: You can include all the furnishings and utilities costs by purchasing of the shared office spaces . Some rental contracts include maintenance fees. Consequently, the cost of the place you lease is not only the rent.

2. Enhance productivity: Employees have the freedom to work whenever they want, on their own schedule, and however they choose when they co-work. Thus as a result it unlocked their whole production potential.

3. Better facilities: Employee comfort is increased by a beautifully decorated office environment with a unique atmosphere. Additionally, the absence of politics and required engagement keeps people more at ease and attentive at work. Shared offices spaces provide much-needed quiet.

Explore The Modern Shared Work space Solutions With Banglamart

You get immediate access to an office and everything that comes with it, and you avoid the significant financial commitment and lengthy lease terms that come with renting office space a business office. You simply pay for the square footage you actually use rather than having to pay for the entire floor plan, and the majority of leases are quite flexible.

Shared work space offers:

  • High speed internet
  • Modular kitchen
  • Modern conference room
  • Security and CCTV
  • Power backup
  • Parking facility

At Office, we try to make the process of finding and assessing your alternatives as simple and hassle-free as possible. You may browse shared office space and arrange it by facilities to ensure that you’ll only be shown the finest possibilities depending on your requirements.

Grow Your Experience With Our Services

– Try to convey professionalism

– Provide you with a more permanent workspace where you can leave computer monitors, documents, and other items behind at the end of the day.

– Can help you have more influence over the team’s culture

– Have administrative employees and provide more private facilities.

Can get the vibes to work as professional
Better productivity and work environment

Our  work stations are well-equipped, easily accessible, and can accommodate a range of functions and group sizes. Also, it can be cost-effective solution for you.

Use Our Shared Work Space For Flexible Service

Flexible Contract: Shared work space normally does not require a one-year lease. Monthly memberships are available for hot seat, private desk, and private office usage.

Flexible Cost: It offers founders an excellent chance to control costs because there are no advance payments, no deposits, and a range of choice plans.

Flexible Space: Most likely, you can rapidly transition to a private office.

Chances to Connect with Startup Founders

Sometimes it might be lonely working on a startup. Whatever the stage of development, there are always new things to discover, try, and assess. Even more so if those people are also employed in the tech industry, being surrounded by other business owners can help you cope when times are tough.

The top shared work spaces often organize meetings where you can interact, network, and also pick the brains of your coworkers.

The difference for your startup could come from placing yourself in a workspace where you can’t help but meet other entrepreneurs, whether it takes the shape of happy hours, instructional courses, or guest speaker events. Your startup will develop if you collaborate with others who share your values.

Why Banglamart Is Different from Others?

Many conventional offices are being replaced with contemporary shared workspace as the nature of work changes. The differences are:

  • In comparison, we frequently offer larger spaces.
  • There are several standard office facilities available because of the huge space to assist the skilled employees in managing their business daily.
  • A company can rent out our private spaces so that staff can be separated into their own rooms and areas rather than mingling.
  • We are providing customer service at any time
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Get The Best Service for You

We are constantly looking for new methods to save our hard-earned time and money in the fast-paced world of today. So that, we have decided to use office sharing and business support services to overcome the time that exist in the current world due to high-cost obstacles. Entrepreneurs will be able to start their ideal business, and small and large businesses will receive full support from it as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our no deposit policy, Banglamart offers the best shared office space in Dhaka. We are situated in all of Dhaka’s prime areas and offer 24/7 services for IT support, security, and maintenance.

In our opinion, yes. Shared work space  may or may not be a wise investment for each organization. However, depending on its unique set of circumstances. You might be wondering how your surroundings effect your productivity whether you work from home or are seeking for an alternate workspace.

It might not be practical for certain team members in a small to medium-sized group to rent a complete office and furnish it alone. Fortunately, we accept flexible working at face value and can typically facilitate customization based on your preferences. So, a works space is a viable alternative if you’re willing to explore your possibilities for a workstation.

There will always be a seat available for you with everything you need to maximize your productivity, including super-fast wifi, limitless printing, unlimited coffee, and front-of-house services for your visitors.

We are lucky to be a member of a diversified community with people from all different types of business backgrounds. We have lawyers, designers, engineers, authors, accountants, marketers, various young entrepreneurs, and the list goes on.

Meeting Rooms And Conference Rooms, The perfect For Client Meetings.

We also have Private Offices, Coworking Spaces, Virtual Offices, and Event Spaces in Bangladesh, in addition to our Meeting Rooms.