What Is the Ultimate Virtual Office Package

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1. The Ultimate Virtual Office Package from Banglamart combines the other two options. You can already have the following at a minimum monthly price .

2. Your company will now have a prestigious address in the heart of BanglamartBD. Our office is less than an hour from the airport and easily accessible from the highway.

3. Acceptance of goods, documents, and other deliveries on your behalf — Our capable assistant can accept parcels, documents, and other deliveries on your behalf. You can notify us in advance of any deliveries, and we will notify you as soon as they come. To make ordinary transactions easier and faster for you, our office has formed agreements with banks and post offices.

4. On your behalf, we can receive, make, and process calls from clients and business partners. Our employees are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

5. Faxes will be received and sent on your behalf by your service office in Bangladesh.

You will also receive a domicile document from BanglamartBD, which you will need to finalize your company registration in the country.