Furnished Co-Living

We Are Professional In Furnished Co-Living Services

We specialize in Furnished Co-Living services that are located in prime locations in Dhaka. Therefore, they are near hospitals, public transportation, and entertainment. Additionally, we provide superior accommodations at a fraction of the cost of Dhaka hotels. On the other hand, our houses are fully equipped and furnished. Also, our houses are available for immediate occupancy. The rental price includes utilities, telephone, cable, and internet services.

Our company can provide rental and maintenance services for condominiums whose owners are temporarily out of Dhaka. The services we offer include cleaning, routine repairs, rental income banking, and other related activities. Our reputation for providing excellent customized services for Ecommerce BD Customers has helped us build a solid customer base.

Ecommerce Furnished Co Living Services makes your stay in Bangladesh as affordable, hassle-free, and comfortable as possible while you’re away from home. If you have any questions about our services or rental properties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

You Can Get Our 6 Reliable And Cost Effective Furnished Co-Living Space

Our guests have access to our personalized guest service support throughout their stay, a personal key handover and orientation, as well as 24-hour emergency assistance.

Meet and Greet

Bangladesh is making its mark on the world map, for its economic expansion.

Emergency Assistance

Things happen from time to time! So that, we’re here for you every time. We are your friendly partner.

Free Wi-Fi

Our internet services Extremely fast with high limitations (never exceeded yet!)

Simple to Move

You only need to move your luggage and essential items when moving. Nothing else.

Feel Comfort

All services connected, including freshly laundered linen and all furniture to executive standards.

High Maintenance

You won’t have to spend any additional money to ensure that they work properly but you get it.

Our Non Stop Services For Furnished Co-living Space

Fully-Equipped Furnished Co living Space In Your Near Location

Our furnished co-living rooms are located in the heart of Bangladesh. You will appreciate our purpose-built and customizable rooms equipped with top-tier technology, such as HD webcams and magic glass windows for optimum privacy. We have elegant rooms, living rooms, and furnished rooms that will leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and clients.

Furnished Co-Living

Work  Better With Us

We provide you with a comfortable, convenient and affordable space in Bangladesh without compromising quality. Enjoy all the perks that you won’t find anywhere else by staying with us today. We share furnished co-living amenities and utilities, which reduces our costs. These locations provide entrepreneurs with the privilege of operating without concern for internet outages, equipment breakdowns, running out of Keurig cups, or any of the other potential issues that can arise when operating alone. We are better furnished home service provider in Dhaka.

Our Furnished Co living Spaces Provide Extremely Flexible Solution

We provide workspace solutions to businesses of all sizes. Also, we offer flexible terms that allow you to grow your business and even relocate if necessary. Contact us today to learn more.

Manage your account and reservations
Furniture and workstations additions
Risks are kept as low as possible

It is possible for you to break out of your own bubble by exposing yourself and your staff to different viewpoints, which will contribute to the establishment of a stronger firm. However, your company’s success depends on having a comfortable and effective workspace.

Furnished Co-Living

Discover World-Class Co-living Space With Banglamart

We offer world-class living amenities in our furnished co-living space, located in Bangladesh’s central business district. So that, we guarantee an exceptional experience to you and your stakeholders. You can access our professional technology, high-speed internet, and furnished rooms at any time.

Meet Your Need on One Screen
Meeting Mode to Suit Any Occasion

We were able to offer you the complete, proper set of solutions for your digital needs. So, our relationship with market leaders made this possible. We combine hardware, software, and also equipment seamlessly for a flexible living environment through HD video conferencing and gym rooms.

Our Company Utilizes Furnished Community Room Services

Banglamart’s furnished co-living rooms provide a comfortable place to stay. We understand how important it is to have the right space for a variety of different needs. It is important to find the perfect size for your living room. You can enjoy the convenience and freedom of renting in Bangladesh without compromising on quality. We also offer pay-per-use rooms, so you don’t have to purchase space you’ll only use occasionally.

Increasing Living Room Facilities With Our Top Solutions

The way we live has changed in the digital age. We need to work across multiple offices while dealing with different time zones. In addition to, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services. Although, technical support to help you achieve greater organizational collaboration.

Peaceful, better environment
Easy to schedule and live in

We offer well-equipped, accessible, and flexible living rooms strategically located throughout Bangladesh’s major commercial districts. Please check out our smart living services and rates.

Furnished Co-Living

Our mission is to provide sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy!

Ease and Simple Living Space

Our services provides on-demand co-working space, shared office space and virtual office space enabling you to start a business in Bangladesh.

Moreover, we have offices in every major town, city and transit hub around the world, allowing startups, multinational organizations, and business of any size to work close to clients, colleagues, and also families. Contact us for furnished co-living spaces.

Private Bedroom, Furnished Co-Living

Private Bedroom

There is a private bedroom, furnished with a nightstand, lamp, and a comfy bed for each member.

well firnished

Well Furnished

Our homes are furnished with quality pieces from brands such as Restoration Hardware and West Elm.

High Kitchen

High-end Kitchen

Each kitchen at Common is equipped with high-end appliances and other essentials.

High Internet, Furnished Co-Living

High Internet

High-speed, commercial-grade WiFi is included free of charge in all of our homes 24/7 hours.

Get Our Modern Room Facilities At Your Doorstep

There are many benefits to buying or renting a supplied co-living space in place nowadays. It has made people more ready to do so. So that, many builders are now structure fully furnished apartments to cater to the needs of their clients. Take a look at Banglamart’s house property if you are interested in renting or buying an apartment.

FAQs For Furnished Co-living Spaces

Common offers a variety of units to suit a variety of needs and budgets, from lifeless suites to  every units. Studios and 1- and 2- bedroom apartments. You’ll find comfort, value, comfort, and community, no matter what you choose.

We offer private studios, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments with fully private bathrooms.

Our co living suites allow members to rent a bedroom with a private ensuite bathroom, or they can share a bathroom with a single other person. We include weekly cleaning and house supplies in all of our co living homes, so even if you share a bathroom with another suitemate, you won’t have to worry about who will buy toilet paper or who will do the cleaning.

Our private studios, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments are perfect for couples. We also have rooms for couples across all of our cities and homes within our coliving suites. Additionally, the rooms have a queen-sized bed and an ensuite bathroom.

The application process is simple and can be completed online, or in person if you are local. You will first need to fill out the application form on our site and talk to a home specialist.

We can tour with you in person if you’re local, or virtually if you’re remote. You can then reserve the room while we conduct a background check, and if everything checks out, you sign your lease.

Banglamart Is The No.1 Platform For Discovering And Booking Co-living Homes Worldwide.

You can live in a co-living space, an extended-stay hotel, or a fully-furnished apartment as a digital nomad or remote worker.