Managed Room Living

Find Managed Room Living Service In Bangladesh

Find Managed Room Living Service In Bangladesh

Discover the most affordable lease plans with managed room living in all the latest serviced apartments around Dhaka city.

BanglamartBD offers a wide variety of managed room living services and rental plans for people who are coming to Bangladesh for vacation purpose or work intention. Our serviced apartments are located in all the prime locations inside Dhaka city. In our managed room living services gives our client an amazing living experience and also provides them with greater accessibility to every type of daily necessities. Our serviced rooms are fully furnished, alongside the whole apartment so that means even if you are renting just one room you will still be able to enjoy all the latest house amenities and appliances. We understand that not everyone has the taste and budget while it comes to selecting your new home. That is why BanglamartBD has come up with flexible rental plans for co-living.

Comfort Living

Comfort Living

Enjoy living like at your own home experience.

Great Affordability


Stop stressing over your budget while rent room.




Relish us taking care of your housing needs.

How BanglamartBD Provides The Best Managed Room Living Service

We have over 500 serviced apartments and their room rental options for our clients. We verify every tenant’s credential which provides our clients peace of mind while co-living with other housemates in the same apartment. All our managed room living services are supervised by expert professional teams to ensure the maximum quality for your living experience. With BanglamartBD, you can have your own place for staying whether you are on a vacation or looking for a place to stay permanently within a much more budget-friendly rental plan.

Business Planning90%
Business Security80%
Investment Strategy96%

Choose Between Our Rental Plans For Managed Room Living

BanglamartBD provides our clients with various rental plans evaluating on stay period, budget, and number of people.

Short Term Stay
Short-Term Stay

Planning your holiday in Bangladesh? Contact us today and choose from our available residences at a cheaper price than hotels.

Long Term Stay
Long-Term Stay

Moving to a new country is tough. We are here to find you your new home according to your style, requirements, and taste.

Contractual Stay
Contractual Stay

looking for a place to stay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Get immense control over your lease plan and move in right away.

Female Co-Living
Female Co-Living

For our female clients we have elevated the quality of our service. Enjoy living with our other female tenants in a female-only unit.

Student Co-Living
Student Co-Living

Planning to move out and start your own journey? We are here to find you a serviced room fitting your exact budget and choice.

Foreigner CoLiving
Foreigner Co-Living

BanglamartBD offers a wide range of residence choices for our foreigner clients who are looking to start their new life in Bangladesh.

Why Choose BanglamartBD?

  1. Fully serviced apartments located in prime locations.
  2. Apartment amenities and house appliances provided.
  3. Shared common area in every residence.
  4. Managed room living added room service.
  5. 24/7 housekeeping service.
  6. Professional on-site maintenance team.
  7. Affordable short-term and hence long-term rental plans.
  8. Also Great customer support.
  9. And Shared apartment rentals and specific co-living services.
  10. All residences have great accessibility to hospitals, grocery chains and public transport hubs.

Pick A Contractual Rental Plan Today


The on-site maintenance and housekeeping team makes life comfortable. Easy move-in with added amenities and facilities.

Better Planning
Better Planning

Balance cash outflow while enjoying the benefits of quality assets. Be your own landlord by holding the termination rights.

4 Benefits Of Managed Room Living Service

Economy Friendly Living

Economy Friendly Living

  1. Our vast collection of managed room living options allow you to make the right choice for your present and also future living arrangements.
  2. Whether you are visiting Bangladesh for vacation alone or with family, we promise you the most affordable price ranges for renting single rooms to whole serviced apartments.
  3. Our long-term stay plans offer you the cheapest and also easiest rental policies than other providers.

Security & Privacy

  1. BanglamartBD prioritizes our tenants’ secured stay.
  2. We are patrolled by professional security team on a schedule basis.
  1. Every area is monitored by CCTV camera 24/7.
  2. Also, we provide individual intercom service for every unit.
  1. The rooms are soundproofed in a great way to ensure your privacy.
  2. No one unwanted can enter the premises without being crosschecked.
Furnished Co-Living

Fully Furnished Serviced Rooms

BanglamartBD promises the ultimate comfort living experience for our clients. Even though you are renting one single room, you will still have access to all the house features. Our managed room living apartments are pack with all the latest amenities and appliances starting from silverware to washing machine. The rooms are decorated with wooden furniture and also every other accessory that will give you at-home feel.

Hygiene Assured

Our every residence has on-site housekeeping service who are active at your service 24/7. They sanitize the whole building area on a daily basis and do on-demand and also scheduled sanitizations inside apartments. The entrances are cover with temperature check modules and also hand sanitizer holders to ensure nobody infected is entering the buildings. Hence there is proper waste disposal and recycle system placed at every residence to provide our tenants a green life.

Furnished Co-Living

Our Promise To You

In our bustling serviced apartments, share with like-minded tenants. Drop in and reserve a room in one of our shared residences, and also which are available in over hundreds of prime locations in Bangladesh. Create your new family in a new country, in your new house that suits your living style and rent for daily, weekly and also monthly stays. With the fully-serviced facilities, hence you will feel like living at your own home and get taste of the ultimate convenience. Hence our managed room living services is the best solution for Dhaka city.

FAQs For Managed Room Living Space Services

A managed room living provides our clients with a tastefully decorate room in a completely furnish apartment. Which is available for both short and long-term stays, as well as daily amenities, housekeeping, and a variety of other services, all of which are include in the rental price.

NO, all the extra expenses like utility bills and housekeeping services are include in the rental price.

YES, There is a common covered carpark for the whole building.

With BanglamartBD, you will enjoy every bit of facility as a luxurious hotel. Swimming pools, in-house gym, and conference room are few of them.

We have separated meters for each room inside a serviced apartment. We include the bill in the rental price.

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