Offshore It Support Business in Bangladesh

Here is a list of offshore IT services in Bangladesh and a detailed overview of outsourcing to Bangladesh. It is a business practice where a company assigns certain tasks to another party from outside sources which were initially supposed to be done by the company. Our IT offshore services are listed below- 


Staffing Offshore

It is not just about saving money when you hire offshore. This is more about access to a large pool of talent and it helps businesses run their operations more efficiently in a highly competitive business environment.


Consultancy Services

Almost every company will seek tech advice sooner or later to take a better look at its activities and progress. To stay up-to-date on market industry trends, companies may need professional advice from time to time. 


Managing Data

It is essential for businesses to outsource functions like data storage in order to store and protect their business data. Businesses need not worry about finding the right storage server. We Manage every data.

BanglamartBD allows foreign owners to set up offshore companies as private or public limited companies. The automatic route welcomes FDI into India from private and public limited companies in uncapped and unrestricted sectors. An offshore company can also be established as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) , since FDI is permitted in LLPs under the automatic route for sectors or activities where 100% FDI is permitted. Benefits of starting an offshore business with us:

  1. We offer offshore companies for as little cost
  2. No hidden fees, price match guarantee
  1. Over 22 jurisdictions across the globe
  2. Established Many Years age & experienced
  1. Professional, fast, and personal service
  2. Confidentiality & discretion guaranteed

Offshore Company Registration Process Step by Step

The Registrar of Companies grants a Certificate of Registration to an offshore company in India upon verification of the application and satisfaction that it complies with the provisions of the Companies Act.

  1. Obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN) –

It is mandatory for all directors (whether Indians or foreigners) of the offshore company to obtain a DIN from the MCA before the company is established. To act as a director of an Indian company, each director must possess a valid DIN assigned by the MCA.

2. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) – 

It is necessary for directors and subscribers of MOAs and AOAs to obtain a DSC.  MOA and AOA subscribers must affix their DSC on the electronic MOA and electronic AOA. The directors and authorized signatories of the company must file company forms.

Benefits of Incorporating a Offshore Business Company

1) Tax liability reduced

2) A valid image

3) Ease of forming offshore companies

4) Foreign ownership policy

5) Stability in politics

6) Modern banking facilities

FAQs For Offshore Business Services

Offshore corporations may be formed for various purposes, including owning and operating a business, issuing shares, bonds, or otherwise raising capital, guaranteeing obligations, hiring employees, purchasing goods, selling goods, making contracts, renting office space, maintaining checking and saving accounts, and providing retirement plans for employees. Some offshore corporations are listed on major stock exchanges, although most are privately held.

The Articles of Incorporation establish the corporation and give information such as the name, share structure, and purpose of the corporation.

According to the By-laws, also known as the Articles of Association in some jurisdictions, the corporation creates rules for its shareholders, officers, and directors. One of the first steps in forming a corporation is the adoption of by-laws by the Board of Directors.

Any publicly filed document, amendments, and the name of the corporation will be revealed by a corporate search. A company’s officers, directors, or shareholders do not have to be listed in a public register under Nevisian law (one of our favorite jurisdictions). Therefore, such information remains confidential. There are some requirements under Panamanian law which are solved through the use of nominee directors and shareholders.

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