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BanglamartBD gives us the ability to remotely manage and support all your employees. Our team are verydedicated to their work.

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We have seen a great improvement in our connectivity issues and the ability to use command prompt using Bangladesh Mart’s enterprise cloud.

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Bangladesh is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing foreign corporate entity hubs, given to a liberal industrial strategy that offers foreign investors a multitude of attractive options.

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The checks will protect you from litigation by ensuring that you do not see protected information. There is no need to worry about your safety.

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We will perform the most thorough, detailed, and exhaustive checks possible and deliver actionable reports. You can count on us without any doubt.

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BanglamartBD comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding social media background checks. Our service is reliable.

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Every social media content screening we conduct is customized to the specific needs of our clients. Each organization has its own set of requirements, processes, regulations, and schedules. Our goal is to make sure everyone gets what they need. Our Content Screening And Filtering services are tailored to your specific needs, regardless of what they are.

Content Screening and Filtering Services

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Our cutting-edge technology then uncovers any relevant social media content based on your objectives and demands. We provide a report that contains a summary of any recognized content, stripped of any personally identifying so that you can make informed hiring and recruitment decisions. Our company will provide you with a free quote after reviewing your requirements.

We Ensure Your Privacy Policy

BanglamartBD’s social media content screening can help to safeguard your reputation and prevent costly bad hires by using technology to review public internet content within your HR policy limits with redacted personal information to minimize liability. We customize social media checks to meet your individual needs, either separately or as part of a larger job screening package.

Customized to meet your needs
Verify the employee’s experience

 It is advantageous to conduct social media content checks as part of a holistic screening process.

 Helpful Insights

We offer a tool to locate your candidates’ social media profiles so that you can make an informed decision. Significantly it is possible to sift your applicants’ qualifications based on the way they interact with people online, how they present themselves on social media, and what they have accomplished professional. We conduct background checks on potential employees without invading their privacy, however.

Our Content Screening And Verification Services

At any rate social media screening is often performed by HR experts without the assistance of a third party or the expenditure of additional money. A Google search will reveal most of a candidate’s social media accounts. Conducting social media checks as part of a full employment screening procedure has a number of advantages:

Gain insight into the activities of a candidate
Researching relevant information quickly via the Internet

 You can get their social interactions through Facebook. Linkdin can help one to reveal their past experiences. You can find their opinions on Twitter. And if they have a visual job, they can get it through Instagram.

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Indeed our company offers the best screening services in Bangladesh. However everything we do is driven by our commitment to serving clients, solving problems, and enhancing human experiences. The possibilities are as exciting to us as they are to you.

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Our reputation management strategy involves tracking and responding to false reviews, comments in order to protect our clients  reputations. 


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We offer an answering service that will respond to your inquiry. Regardless of the service we provide, we guarantee the highest quality and quick response.

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We have well-trained experts who use top-notch technology that guarantees nearly 99% accuracy in data processing in any organization of any size.


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Consultants must consider the goals of both the company and the client when providing consulting services. To assist you monetize, hire BanglaMart Business Consultants.

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The artificial intelligence behind BanglamartBD analyzes posts and photographs across 14 risk categories. Also our system uses natural language processing and machine learning to highlight posts that match specific risk indicators. It is possible for the BanglamartBD system to analyze thousands of postings in seconds, providing you with far more information than a human could in hours. BanglamartBD simplifies the process of generating social media reports. Thus our AI-powered platform will provide a comprehensive and insightful report on any subject within 24 hours, along with the assistance of human analysts.

  1. Reduce the risk to organizations
  2. Use smart hiring practices
  3.  Make best use of artificial intelligence


The purpose of a social media background check is to determine whether the candidate is a good candidate for the job based on his social media profiles. We do it near the end of the hiring process if necessary and can provide information not found in standard screenings.

The background check on social media is similar to other types of background checks, such as a criminal background check. It involves examining past behavior since one’s past behavior can predict one’s future behavior.

Social media background checks are used to learn more about job candidates by examining their social media profiles. It consists of a background check using publicly available information from widely used social media sites.

It is possible, but only if done properly. It’s a bad idea to look into an applicant’s social media activity on your own if you’re the hiring manager. 

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