A Professional Social Media Content Moderation Solutions 

Expert Solution Service

Expert Solution

A transformational approach based on solutions. The moderation of content using an interdisciplinary approach.  

Social Media Assessment


Assessment of the deliverables. Evaluation of key metrics, quality control. New model development. Analysis of business results.

Workflow Moderation

Workflow Type

The alignment of content moderation tools and processes. Structural Development Milestones.  

Feedforward Cycle Service

Feedforward Cycle

Transparency via analytics. Real-Time Monitoring and Service Delivery Insights. Edge case Insights. Dynamic Model Improvement.


Monitoring Of Social Media

The amount of user-generated content on social media is high every minute. This is the reason it can be difficult to monitor and manage content on social media according to the regulations.

Comment Moderation

Comment Moderation

The increase in blogs, websites, and forums has led to direct interaction between users. Professional content moderation is critical in a collaborative environment.

Moderating Audio and Video

Moderating Audio And Video

Our video and audio moderators ensure that your brand is consistently protected across all official platforms. We offer highly customized audio and video moderating services. 

Image Moderation

Image Moderation Service

The best way to attract new visitors to your website is through images. You can increase online interaction by inviting people to submit photos. It is very important.

Our 3 Important Steps For Social Media Screening

Get Easily BanglamartBD’s Content Moderation Services

Generally, Our social media screening services will be tailored to your specific needs. You can even choose the format of the report that is most convenient for you. We also protect you from lawsuits by making sure that you don’t see protected information by doing these checks. Surely you will never have to be concerned about your safety. Indeed the most comprehensive, detailed, and exhaustive checks will be carried out by us with actionable reports delivered. Equally we are the trusted choice for you.

Content Moderation Services

Suggestive Content

Additionally, we are capable of detecting and removing all types of content with immediate effect. The program can remove explicit nudity, sexual activity, body parts exposed, erotic gestures, violence or murders, restricted alcohol or drugs, and weapons or guns that are not allowed on social media platforms. Additionally, we can moderate live content on Facebook for images, pictures, and videos.

How Content Moderation In Social Media Can Remove Unwanted Content From The Internet

BanglamartBD offers this service to moderate a variety of undesirable contents that could be considered offensive to the community of social media platforms and networking sites like nudity, sexuality, violence, or any other disturbing content.

BangladeshmartBD is one of the leading content moderators for monitoring, controlling and removing spam from the leading social media networking sites. The company provides round-the-clock content moderation for social media platforms with live moderation and content moderation for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What You Need To Do

Social media content needs to be moderated while considering the following factors:

  1. Verification of user identity
  2. Posts appear quickly 
  3. Feeling safe using your platform
  4. Determining offensive or malicious content
  5. Technology and human moderators interact

Our Approach To Social Media Content Moderation

BanglamartBD has the largest social media brands in the world. We increased the headcount at one of those clients from 858 to over 2,000 by 2020. We help our clients expand into new markets faster, working in multiple languages and time zones. Our social media content moderation services include:

Content relevance and tagging
Community management

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory regulations, user engagement, and moderator well-being.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Audience By Selecting Our Services

Particularly We are a content moderation service provider that removes offensive posts,helps user interaction and monitors brand-related discussions, comments, images, and videos. Explore our comprehensive digital solutions for enhanced customer experience to refine your business and take advantage of our expertise.

We present you with a set of specially developed metrics that suit your business niche so that our web content management company can analyze your audience, determine its needs, and then moderate the content. The procedure is corrected if necessary – we carry out all the modifications. Our company is 100% scalable, so it can grow with your business.

The growing popularity of UGC and brands’ focus on live engagement have led to a growing demand for real-time content moderation services in recent years. Content moderation solutions are expected to reach $11.8 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10% over the same period. According to Transparency Market Research.

Get Simple & Cost-Effective Social Media Content Moderation Services From Us

We will begin by pointing out your goals and requirements before starting the screening process. The use of social media background checks has gained both positive and negative press, but we believe they are extremely powerful when used as part of a comprehensive job screening process.


Content Adoption

Enhancing Platform Adoption

The right content served, based on audience choices will boost adoption with ease.

Affordable Service

Affordable Solutions

Our services are designed to help you to achieve your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We Protecting Your Brand And Support Your Customers

Every day, your customers are  connecting and sharing content on your social media. In order to provide a helpful environment and one that develops the customer experience, your brand must have the ability to monitor and help to save your audience from hostile agents. Generally, BanglamartBD services combine the intelligence and soft feelings of human beings with the skills of the present technology. In addition our trained multilingual moderators work around the clock, using local language and native culture to understand both nuances and meaning within customer conversations.

24/7 global coverage for your social networks
Constant monitoring fosters a safe work environment
Our moderation services are software-enabled for scale


Satisfied Customers

Safe Online Social Support

Made Perfect Your Content Moderation Services With Us!

You can take content moderation services to BanglamartBD’s Customer Support to ensure a safe online brand experience for your customers. 

Additionally we also check the content to make less of your customers’ information into offensive, illegal or dangerous content. In general we will analyze the choices of your customers based on case categorization and expert reviews. Whenever Our services will help you ensure that all content related to your brand is appropriate for you and will increase conversions. However, Now you can get fully scalable services at a less price point. Obviously choose our content moderation services to boost brand loyalty and customer engagement!

FAQs For Social Media Content Moderation

The social media background check sees the social media profiles.  Particularly after the content moderation, the people determine a good fit for the position. Companies do this type of screening towards the end of the hiring process and reveal information that standard screenings are unable to reveal.

Identically Content moderators reduce the risk of visitors seeing upsetting or offensive content on your websites. Additionally, content moderation prevents bullies or trolls from abusing your brand online to spread false information or hate.

Everytime. We can work with client technology or provide our own.

Both trust and safety outsourcing is one of our key verticals. Our range of services includes policy development, training program management, quality assurance, that is, aligned insight into user experience, and enhancement.

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