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Let’s Rent Your Unused Property To Us

We are using a two-sided platform as our business strategy, which links customers with both property owners and service providers. As a result, if you possess vacant lots or unused property in Dhaka, Bangladesh, you can earn money by renting them to us. Reach a deal with us and earn more money than what you would by using the traditional rental technique. The agreement does not, however, impose any obligations on the homeowners. Because experienced service providers would handle everything, homeowners will only be able to benefit by doing nothing. Therefore, if you own vacant offices or workspaces in Dhaka, you can earn money.

What Kinds Of Unused Property Are We Looking For?

co-working spaces

Vacant Home

We are searching to rent a vacant house in the city of Dhaka. In addition, we’ll make the necessary changes to your house on our own to meet our needs. We guarantee that you can make more money than with a typical renting deal.

Mohammadpur, co-working spaces

 Empty Apartments

We are looking for vacant apartments in Dhaka city that are suitable for short and long-term renting. Many independent business owners who want to operate in fully furnished offices and homes can use our services.

unused Workspace, co-working spaces

 Office Spaces

The majority of individuals in Dhaka City have shifted from conventional offices to innovative office spaces. Our goal is to provide for their necessities while making money in the process. Together, let’s make use of your vacant office spaces.

Motijheel, co-working spaces

Unused Workspace

We will make the appropriate changes once we have the unused property from you. We’ll keep everything up to date starting immediately and until the contract is over. We can make your unused workspace as your income source.

Our Preferable Location For Unutilized Property


Freelancers, business proprietors, and independent contractors all have distinct zones in Bashundhara. They can use our excellent workstation.


We are searching for an unused property in Uttara. Many independent company owners and workers would find our fantastic locations.


The majority of Gulshan residents now work in creative spaces rather than traditional offices. Our objective is to satisfy their needs while earning money.


Banani is Dhaka’s busiest downtown neighborhood. If we work together, we can give our clients a welcoming, safe, and effective working environment.

Why You Should Collaborate With Us

By partnering with us and renting us your empty apartments or unused property, you might earn money from us than you would from a normal rental strategy.

If you let us to rent your unused property, it is our duty to ensure its security. We’ll make sure that everything is secure.

We’ll make the needed adjustments after you provide us the unused property. Starting today, we will keep everything up to date until the contract expires.

Renting Office Space

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we must be provide you more profit than traditional rental method.

If you and we agree to a long-term arrangement, we’ll remodel your apartment on our own. Additionally, we take responsibility for the property’s maintenance and safety.

Absolutely not, there is no hidden terms & conditions in our agreement.

Because we provide more benefits to our clients than other companies. Our service is completely secure and hassle-free. For any inquiries, please visit our office or contact with our customer support.

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