Apartment Rental Service

Enjoy Maximum Benefits Of Serviced Apartment Rental In Bangladesh

BanglamartBD welcomes clients who have a ready-to-move-in but unused and unfurnished apartment for rent. Who have single available rooms in their current residence and also looking for an apartment rental opportunity welcome to us. You similarly contact us and we will handle the rest.

Increase Your Rental Income

BanglamartBD also offers you the most profitable apartment rental plans for your property. Although think outside the box and start planning your finances with the extra income that you will earn by renting your apartment. We broke the challenges of traditional apartment rental. We came up with a more ever smart system to manage bookings for the apartment after that you are hosting. Start hassle-free earning today with us.

Start Spending Less On Your Property

With BanglamartBD, the process of your apartment rental is taken care of by us. All the repair and maintenance liabilities fall upon us. We also have in-house housekeeping teams to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your place. The apartment renovation is also done by us. Not just after that every checkout, we prepare your apartment for the upcoming guests. At the same time we can save your huge amount of maintenance cost.

We Host 3 Types Of Serviced Apartment Rentals

studio aptt rentals
One Bedroom Rental

Access to all types of furniture, amenities and facilities are required in our 1-Bed Room rental service. As well as every tenants should have access to the common area.

studio rentals
Two Bedrooms Rental

Our furnished 2-bedroom apartment rental plans necessitate a furnished interior. There also a sanitary & healthy environment in the building alongside security measures.

studio aptt rentals
Studio Apartment Rental

Apartments must be fully equipped with an air conditioner, a refrigerator and a smart TV. Accordingly, a communal kitchen with an infrared burner and other cooking amenities should be provided.

What We Need From You To List Your Property For Apartment Rental

  1. Parking
  2. Internet
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bedroom
  5. Bathroom
  6. Living Area
  7. Media & Technology
  8. Outdoors
  9. Prime Location
  10. Ownership Certification
  11. Languages Spoken
  12. Wifi 24/7
  13. Access to Transport

What We Add To Your Apartment Rental

Optimize Spare Space

Increase Connections

Apartment Maintenance

On-site Housekeeping

Live Booking System

Security System

Our Apartment Rental Benefits For Property Owners

Marginal Financial Difference

You can use the extra money to live somewhere you couldn’t otherwise afford. Even you can build an extension and finance it with your apartment rental income. If your hosting income is high enough, you may be able to quit your other job entirely.

Incredible Tax Benefits

Owning an apartment rental property and working as a BanglamartBD host entitles you to significant tax breaks and deductions. To begin with, your short-term rental income is tax-free. Your mortgage and credit card interest on purchases are also paid off.

Enjoy Incredible Flexibility

One of the advantages of becoming a BanglamartBD host is that you have complete autonomy and control over how you spend your time. By listing your apartment rental property with us, you will have more time to devote to activities that are important for you.

Guests are evaluated

Unlike a hotel, where guests are generally total strangers. You can read reviews of your guests and learn a little bit about them before allowing them to stay. After a while, you will also have regular visitors. We take this matter very seriously.

Faqs For Apartment Rentals

BanglamartBD makes sharing simple, enjoyable and secure. We verify personal profiles and listings, run a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with confidence. We also manage a secure payment platform. Our primary concern is your safety.

To create an account on BanglamartBD, you must be 18 years old or older, according to the platform’s Terms of Service. This applies to both hosts and guests who wish to use BanglamartBD’s website and services. Guests under the age of 25 are not permitted to book entire listings in some locations in order to house parties.

1) Objective vs. Expectation
2) Having Strangers Visit Your Home.
3) Commitment to Time.
4) Listing placement.
5) Landlord-Tenant Relationships
6) Relationships with Neighbors
7) Liability and risk.
8) Price optimization.

You can currently see a potential guest’s prior reviews and profile information before confirming a booking (including hometown, education background, hobbies, and languages spoken). However, in order to protect both hosts’ and guests’ privacy, we do not share last names until after a booking is confirmed.

Rent Your Apartment With Us in Bangladesh. Call or E-mail Us For Any Query.