Lease Your Office Space To Us And Earn More Money

There will be a lot of requirements when you wish to rent your office space. Some business owners are increasingly realizing that renting office space comes with a number of difficulties in addition to administrative and operational difficulties. As a result, they are seeking to collaborate with knowledgeable suppliers through management contracts that grant them the right to a portion of the profits or increase their income. Accordingly Banglamart is the first business platform in Bangladesh to rent out your extra or unwanted office space. You can easily rent us your workspace, and we will benefit you twice as much.

You Can Rent Us Various Types Of Office Space

We are the original creators of this business model in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in case which would rent your extra or unwanted office space. We can also rent various types off workspace in the most wanted area of Dhaka city. So, connect us today.

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Commercial Space

Mohammadpur, co-working spaces

Serviced Office

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Shared Workspace

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Private Office

Mohammadpur, co-working spaces

Meeting Room

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Conference Room

Our Working Areas

Though here are the best areas in Dhaka where you can get in touch with us to rent any kind of workspace. You can rent them to us if you have any outdated office space that is not currently utilizing these types. Your workstation will be outfitted by us, and you will gain from it. Renting office space in Dhaka is now easy and benefited task because of us.

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In Gulshan, independent professionals, freelancers, and also entrepreneurs have their own region. So you could be more benefited in this area if you give your office space to us. connect us today.

Mohammadpur, co-working spaces


The site, near Banani is convenient and serves as much as one of Dhaka’s primary centers. So, give us your work space to us in Banani and get double revenue from us. We will take care of your space.

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The Banglamart already have service co-working space in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, also offers hot desks, dedicated desks, and private office. You can join with us to give your office space.

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Bashundhara is the most popular place now in Dhaka city. But rent your office space is not a easy task. If you give your office space to us we will maintain it & you will be more benefited.

Why Choose Us For Lease Your Office Space

In Dhaka, leasing office space seems like a drawn-out process. We’ll simplify that for you. If you have any questions about renting a home, B is the best online rental platform. We will meet you, and a committed crew will help you decorate and furnish your area since, after all, we are here to help.

Our experienced team will reach out to you right away and visit your workspace.

Banglamart is an expert in rental agreements and will handle everything.

Renting office space is a difficult process. We’ll pay you twice as much for your workspace.

Renting Office Space

FAQs For Leasing Your Office Space

  1. Review the lease with legal counsel.
  2. Draft and submission counter terms.
  3. Negotiate until we reach a point of agreement.

No. We will agree to a lengthy contract with you.

No, we may take any kind of office space, including very old or empty apartments.

Depending on the type and location of the flat. It will be a win-win situation if the equipment is available in your workplace space.

Banglamart is the first platform in Bangladesh which is starting the new business model. The interior of your office should be beautifully decorated if you plan to rent office space in Dhaka. Until it stops being rented. Your internal office space will be designed, and we will pay you twice as much for it.

If You Want To Rent Your Office Space Contact Us Today.