Gulshan Co-Working Office Space For Rent

We Ensure Professional Appearance

Our co-working rooms are designed to encourage cooperation. So, choose your ideal location from hundreds across the area of Gulshan and work in a shared office space with like-minded people.

Furthermore, we prioritize placing you with nice, polite, and intelligent people who have empathy. As a result, in the eyes of clients, they will be the face of coworking.

More importantly, our aim is to offer your organization a professional appearance.

Find Your Perfect Co-Working Space In Gulshan

The majority of individuals are moving away from traditional office facilities and toward innovative co-working locations. Therefore, our recommended coworking spaces will provide cost-cutting options. Particularly in terms of office furniture, conference rooms, event spaces, and ergonomic furniture. Moreover, our licensed specialists recommend that you read through our guide or contact us for further information before beginning your search for a space in Gulshan.

Serviced Offices

Office spaces in Gulshan that are fully furnished and equipped with everything you require. You can start your office whenever you wish.

Custom Offices

With the help of our skilled interior designers, you may personalize your workplace space to your liking. Get it right now!

Office Membership

Even if you don’t have a long-term lease, you can still get a membership for your desired office space at a reasonable price.

Serviced, Furnished & Shared Office Solutions In Dhaka

Speedy Internet service in Gulshan
Speedy Internet

The speed and reliability of each coworking space’s WiFi are non-negotiable and mandatory, and we have it all!

Comfortable Desk Coworkspace in Gulshan
Comfortable Desk

We locate productive workstations. Whether it’s a single desk or a private office in Gulshan, we’ve got you covered.

Personal Storage Space
Personal Storage

Enjoy the convenience of having your own area and storing your belongings in your personal, safe and secure storage.

Clean Workspace
Clean Workspace

In addition, our coworking spaces in Gulshan include daily cleaning service as part of the already affordable rent.

Working Supervisors

We have arrangements in place for floor supervisors to oversee the day-to-day operations of their allocated floor.

Office Personal Secretaries
Personal Secretaries

Lastly, we will hire secretaries for you after conducting thorough background checks to assist you with your everyday tasks.

Serviced, Furnished & Shared Workplace, Meeting Rooms & Venue Available

Bangla Mart provides you with a workspace whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you want to be closer to home, empower your team in various places, or have a private room in Gulshan where you can truly focus, we’ve got you covered.


Pick From A Number Of Workplace Styles To Work In A Quiet Coworking Space

Our clients can pick from a number of workplace styles to work in a quiet space where they can focus or a more communal space with shared tables where conversation is encouraged. On days when they need to, they can even choose to work from home. Flexibility is essential. Our workstations allow you to take a break and live a little. Don’t be late, get it now!

Create an immediate presence wherever you are.
Become a member of a thriving coworking community.

We understand that small businesses are hesitant to make long-term commitments. Our flexible leases allow you to occupy the space for as long as you need it, from a few weeks to a few months. We also provide memberships that allow you to pay only for what you require.

Work In A Well-Designed Environment With All Types Of Equipment In Gulshan

There’s no denying that a Co-working Space is remarkable. Employees flourish in these membership-based workspaces, which bring together a varied variety of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals in a shared, communal setting. Part of the reason why Co-working clients tend to enjoy our facilities is the mix of a well-designed work environment with all necessary types of equipment. As well as, a well-organized work experience. (Need More 7/8 lines More)

Find A New Professional Prospects With Banglamart

In our coworking spaces, you may join Dhaka’s diverse business community and engage with like-minded people. In our social open-plan workspaces or shared offices, drop in and hot-desk or rent a dedicated desk to exchange ideas. Making connections and finding new professional prospects has never been easier thanks to our frequent networking events.

Professional meeting rooms are available for your next conference.
Our global network of workspaces and business lounges is available to you.

In our bustling coworking spaces, collaborate with like-minded workers. Reserve a spot in one of our shared workspaces, which are available in thousands of locations. Moreover, our team is always ready to answer your questions.

Prepare For Your Success With A Perfect Office Space In Gulshan

Unlike our competitors, we provide our clients with our 5 star business addresses, a receptionist to answer calls in their company name, and a landline number that is completely provided by us – all in a sophisticated shared space with fantastic views and enough of natural light.

Get Most Affordable Office Space At The Heart Of Dhaka

At our social coworking spaces in Bangladesh, you’ll work alongside a diverse group of companies. Choose an open-plan or shared office space that suits your working style, and book a dedicated workstation or a hot-desk by the hour. In these fully-serviced facilities, you can get down to business quickly, cooperate, and expand your company’s horizons.

Give your staff a space where they can concentrate, prosper, and grow.
Create an immediate presence in prime business areas.

Bangladesh, with its fast-growing economy, offers an excess of opportunities for ambitious businesspeople. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to connect and network with a diverse group of professionals.

 6 Main Features Of Our Gulshan Co-Working Space

Collaborate with like-minded people in our lively co-working locations. Additionally, get a hot desk or reserve a space in one of our shared workspaces, which are located in thousands of locations. You’ll work alongside a varied collection of firms at our social co-working locations in Gulshan, Bangladesh. Therefore, book a dedicated workstation or a hot desk by the hour in an open-plan or shared office environment that suits your working style. You can get down to business swiftly, work together, and broaden your company’s horizons in these fully-serviced facilities.

Use By The Hour
Mutual Climate
Technology (1)
Front Desk Service in Gulshan
Front Desk Service
Super Fast Internet Service
Super-Fast Internet
Generator Backup

The Smartest Way To Get Office Work Done

The co-working zone is primarily intended for freelancers and small business owners. You may work with a laptop in this opulent lounge while enjoying high-speed internet and unlimited coffee. Most importantly, we provide you with the advantage of having a full-time workplace, yet you only pay for the desks you use. You can also choose your permanent workplace or sit at a different desk every day. Members of Bangla Mart can also invite friends or guests for a cup of coffee. As a result, if you’re seeking for a professional environment at a low cost, co-working Area is the place to be!

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Your One-Stop-Shop For Co-Working Space

Join Gulshan’s diverse business community and cooperate in our co-working spaces with like-minded people. Moreover, in our social open-plan workspaces or shared offices, reserve a dedicated work places and exchange ideas. Making connections and finding new professional outlook has never been easier thanks to our regular networking events. As a result, take advantage of our exciting co-working spaces, which have been thoughtfully built to inspire new relationships. Furthermore, one of the most significant advantages of our service is that office space and co-working pricing are based on inventory availability and are per person per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your coworking desk space includes a professional receptionist, mail handling, high-speed WiFi, utilities, cleaning, maintenance, use of the business address, use of the communal kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities, two hours of community meeting room use per day, and unlimited access to our global network of business lounges – all for one low monthly fee.

Printing and scanning services, full call handling, mail forwarding, bean-to-cup coffee, customized furniture and equipment, and additional meeting room use are all available with coworking.

Coworking is intended to be adaptable. Our coworking membership choices allow you to show up and work anywhere you want, whether it’s right on your doorstep or halfway around the world. Simply reserve space and pay on demand, or choose from five, ten, or unlimited monthly visits. Take a hot desk or a dedicated desk in a single location, which we’ll gladly shift for free to another office if you need to relocate.

Our coworking space is excellent for small groups that only require a few desks. As your company expands, you may want to consider moving to a private office space that you can customize to your needs. However, if you prefer to work from home, we can accommodate you.

Get Our Co-Working Space – Virtual Office Address In Any City For Company Registration, Mail Handling & More. Call Now For Best Plans!