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Motijheel is a historical district in Dhaka that dates back to the Mughal Empire and is currently the city’s main commercial center. Moreover, it is a commercial district. However, this is where our coworking space is located. So, book a free tour to see our spaces and learn about our amenities and floor options. Our experts will be pleased to walk you through the programs and propose the ideal membership for your company.

Get Professional Work Environments At Our Motijheel Co-Working Space

Working with other businesses in the same building provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn, network, and expand. Be cautious, because you could make a mistake here! However, with a little creativity, you and your team will be able to engage with people effectively. Seminars and workshops on your industry’s topics are excellent sources of information. This manner, you can also provide benefits, information, and entertainment to your employees without having to hire an HR manager or incur additional fees.

Serviced Workspace

Office spaces that are furnished and ready, with everything that you need. You can easily start office.

Customizable Office

Customize workspace to reflect your brand’s culture and design aesthetic while accommodating needs.

Serviced, Furnished & Shared Workplace Available On Weekly Or Monthly Packages

Fast Internet Service in Motijheel
Fast Internet
IT Support Service
24×7 IT Support
In-House Entertainment
Open Workspace
Medical Check-Up
Clean Environment

Rent Virtual Offices As Shared Workspace In Motijheel

Office Privacy
1. Privacy

Get your own private corner workstation for greater privacy. Personalize your workspace to suit your preferences.

2. Comfortable Desk

We identify workstations that are productive. We can accommodate you with whatever you need anytime you want.

Virtual Networking
3. Networking

The act of making contact with other people and institutions in order to develop mutually beneficial connections

4. Common Space

Collaborate with all of your coworkers. You may share expertise and expand your business.

Our Motijheel Workspaces Meet Your Needs

To encourage your cooperation, we have designed our c0-working rooms. Choose your ideal location from hundreds across the world and work in our shared office space with like-minded people.


Get More Flexibility Than Traditional Office Space At Motijheel

Our clients can pick from a number of workplace styles to work in a quiet space where they can focused. The Bangla Mart’s distinctively designed rooms will help you fall in love with work all over again, whether you’re seeking for an inexpensive coworking space in Motijheel , a shared office space in Dhaka, or custom made serviced full-floor offices.

Create a presence wherever you are.
Be a member of a thriving co-working community.

Our fully branded floor model provides limitless possibilities. We provide you with the flexibility to have your own corporate identity, privacy, and culture while still enjoying the benefits and rewards of working in a coworking space.

Get A Dedicated Co-Working Desk In Motijheel

A co-working space is a terrific option for you if you want greater discipline and structure, better job performance, a better network of people, and the possibility to obtain more qualified leads. Take the time to look for a coworking place that suits your needs. (Need More 7/8 lines More)

Get A Professional Workspace In Motijheel Affordably

People are pulled in by the fantastic services and privileges most co-working spaces offer, as well as the trendy and stylish interiors that can easily rival Google and Facebook offices. Co-working facilities clearly have a collaborative atmosphere, which may be a creative and dynamic way to work because varied groups of individuals work remotely together in a shared, communal setting.

Professional Rooms.
Global Network.

Co-working spaces, in essence, are the ideal compromise between working in a corporate office and working from home, thanks to the comfort and productivity they provide.

We Ensure A Creative & Dynamic Way To Work In Motijheel

Workplaces created for young employees to keep them motivated, with gorgeous décor that add fun and flexibility to their workday. Focus on work instead of being distracted by the distractions of running a workspace with an office manager and other support employees around.

Everything You Need To Get To Work

Coworking spaces have recently become extremely popular with startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and most corporate workers. People can use these shared areas to establish the groundwork, create, and expand their enterprises at their own pace. Individuals can work in such surroundings and be motivated to improve their productivity.

Creative Workshop.
Best Talent Hire.

We provide a private office, a dedicated desk, a hot desk, meeting & conference rooms, Bespoke solutions, and high-end amenities such as high-speed wifi, vehicle parking, a dedicated canteen, centralised AC, and much more in our shared office spaces.

Modern Co-Working Spaces

You have access to a range of spaces in a coworking office, including lounge areas, canteens, huge conference rooms, and smaller meeting rooms. Remember not to overlook any important aspects that could result in a nasty surprise — we’ll get to that later. Consider the benefits of coworking spaces, which include workshops, free health screenings, yoga classes, and themed parties. This manner, you can provide benefits, information, and also entertainment to your employees without having to hire an HR manager or incur additional fees.

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BanglaMart Is The Solution To Your Work Space Issues In Motijheel

Extras like coffee, printers, internet, cleaning, and postal services are all included in the leasing price when you rent a coworking space. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay up front, and you’ll only receive one statement each month. You don’t have to pay for office equipment or furniture when you rent a coworking space. So that, you are not responsible for the cost of hiring a receptionist or office manager. You won’t have to worry about rising utility costs because the space provider will take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies depending on the number of participants, the length of the contract, the exact coworking venue, and availability. You may also purchase a coworking membership for individuals and teams of any size, which grants you access to any of our coworking spaces for 5, 10, or infinite days each month.

With our lively shared workspaces, it’s simple to find a professional location to work for a day in Bangladesh. We have many coworking spaces in the Dhaka that can be reserved by the hour or the day.

At our Bangladeshi locations, you can either rent a dedicated desk that is reserved exclusively for you, or drop-in and hot desk on demand.

When renting one of our coworking spaces, there is no minimum rental period. You can use a coworking space for a minimum of one hour or reserve a dedicated workstation for as long as you need it.

The serviced Co-Working Space solutions from Banglamart are intended for you to just show up, set up, and start to work! Reception, safety, conference rooms, cleaning, pantry replenishment, and even an in-house barista are all included in our flexible and cost-effective coworking spaces to meet your company’s needs. The best part is our Communities team, who are available at each of our locations to help you with a range of services to help you take your business to the next level.

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