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Businesses in Bangladesh can lower CAPEX and OPEX by renting a serviced office space as this is a cost-effective strategy. It is typical that businesses must set aside funds for a lease in addition to refurbishing a new office space. BanglaMartBD helps businesses in Bangladesh address these needs by offering solutions for Serviced Rental Offices. Hence the serviced office space we put together is fully-furnished with all the basic amenities businesses need on a daily basis.

Serviced Office Space
Management Suite

Do you need spacious, enclosed, and high-end facilities? Take a look at our Serviced Office Space.

Serviced Office Space Serviced
Office Suites

Do you need to accommodate a team of 3 for a small project? Check out our Executive Suites.

Private Workstation

Looking for a Private Workstation? If so, then your team of 5 will be comfortable in our Room.

Room for Meetings

Do you want to give a presentation or hold an important meeting? We have meeting rooms and serviced office space for you to use.

Collaborative Working

Are you looking for a desk by the hour or for a full working day? Check out our coworking plans as per your needs.

Training Room

We have designed the state-of-the-art Training Hall for conducting corporate summits and also launching events.

The BanglamartBD company has been in the office-space industry for over four decades. The BanglamartBD platform was launched with the concept of instant office, but today, the company offers multiple services to Bangladeshi companies, multinationals, SMEs, freelancers, consultants, and also start-ups. Hence the company will provide serviced office spaces at the best locations in Bangladesh through its business centers in metropolises and mega-cities.

1. Wi-fi
2. Meeting room
3. Access 24×7

4. A cup of coffee
5. Conferencing Room
6. Pantries

7. Backup power
8. Streaming projector
9. Locks

Why Should You Choose Serviced Offices in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has become an important global business hub with an economy dominated by manufacturing, electronics, and also finance. Bangladesh is ranked as the fourth most important financial center in the world and is home to many multinational companies.

A major regional business and trade center in Asia, Bangladesh is home to one of the top five busiest ports in the world. It contributes greatly to the development and also growth of the continent as a rapidly growing nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of working in a serviced office space merge the advantages of a private office with the benefits of a communal workplace, which is also vital for networking. There are fewer opportunities for community and networking in serviced offices than in coworking spaces. Serviced offices provide instant access to workspaces that are ready to go – perfect for an immediate move-in!

Yes. We also don’t add anything to the state filing fees. Many times, it costs us more to complete a submission for you faster. These additional processing fees levied by the state are not passed on to you. Hence we don’t increase the state fees to cover our credit card processing costs. And also we think that using our services should not increase the expense of your filing.

The four general aspects to consider when considering a serviced office are: (1) Workspace design, (2) Location, (3) Professional work services, and (4) Flexibility to scale up or down. One should, however, look for more specific aspects when joining a space. Some people, for example, need 24/7 accessibility to their office. They will also most likely need air conditioning during these hours.

The cost of renting a serviced office in Bangladesh will vary depending on the location and also amenities provided. Bangladesh calculates rent on a per-head basis. Goods & also Services Tax is an additional 7%.

Get in touch with an expert at BanglaMartBD to find out what the best pricing options are for your serviced office needs.

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