Shared Roommate

Shared Roommate: Beautiful Coliving Apartments For Rent

Are you looking for a room for rent or a private home in the best areas of Bangladesh? We have the right accommodation for you. We guarantee that every room, studio apartment or flat that you rent from us is squeaky clean and comes fully furnished. You can find shared roommate in our furnished shared apartments.

We have the most suitable furnished home and co living spaces in the heart of Dhaka city. You can get any kind of services which is also include to need a home from us. So, Contact us today.

Screen and Match

Screen And Match

Each shared roommate and homeowner is matched according to a unique compatibility score. Every housemate is also verified.



Your private and secure in-app messaging lets you interview each other with confidence. We provide you with this service.

Easy Nesting

Easy Nesting

BanglaMartBD is the only provider of a lease creator, automated rent payments, and homesharing insurance coverage in one package.

Happy Sharing

Happy Sharing

We at BanglaMartBD are here with you all the way, offering tools and support so you can power the entire home-sharing movement.

Ready Coverage

Ready Coverage

The insurance coverage of BangladeshmartBD members kicks in from the moment they pay their first rent.  

Auto Payment

Auto Payment

You can schedule rent payments to be made automatically on your chosen dates every month and manage.

What Flexibility You Get From Us  For Your Shared Room?

Bangladesh is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing foreign corporate entity hubs, given to a liberal industrial strategy that offers foreign investors a multitude of attractive options. We offer shared roommate for you in our shared living space.

1. Your Place, Your Rules

The keys to renting a room safely are trust and transparency. Our frindly team help you to find a sweet roommate.

4. Safely Sublet

The keys to renting a room safely are trust and transparency. Our frindly team help you to find a sweet roommate.

2. Get Good Buddy

BanglaMartBD makes it easy to find a roommate, whether you’re looking for a new BFF or just someone to split the rent with.

5. Check Information

We Make sure you know who you’re living with by requiring potential roommates to run a background check.

3. Flexible Terms 

Are you looking for a room to rent? Look for a roommate who will move in with you for a year or three months!

6. Messaging Is Secure

You can keep your contact information private by chatting with potential roommates through the BanglaMartBD app or website.

Why Our Shared Roommate Apartments Services Is Perfect Than Others?

You Will Feel As Like At Home

We offer rooms that will bring you the comforts of home. Each room is uniquely decorated to make it the perfect place to live with shared roommate. Hence we make sure that living in a shared room is as comfortable and convenient as possible. We never compromise on quality.

Furnished Co-Living

Women Living Together Is Amazing

It can be difficult to make friends as an adult, whether you’re relocating to a new city or are preoccupied with work. The aim of Coliving is to address this problem by providing a built-in community of people ready to share meals and organize movie nights. EcommerceBD offers opportunities such as a grand dinner table, movie theatre, caf, and beautiful walkways. 

You will be able to socialize in these areas. Female coliving apartments offer private bedrooms as well as communal living areas so you can interact when you want to and also be alone when you don’t. We provide you all the comforts you need to live in a shared room.

Comfortable Living
The Perfect Place to Live

Your time will be more free to do the things you enjoy.


Trust Us For Find A Shared Roommate As You Need

We offer a wide range of technology solutions for communication and also collaboration, from video conferencing and projectors to interactive whiteboards. As part of our meeting administration software services, we can also integrate your existing platforms. You can rest assured that sensitive information will remain private and also confidential in a private conference room. At BanglamartBD, hence our shared rooms are soundproofed where you can find shared roommate.

FAQs For Shared Roommate Services

Shared Living requires residents to be 18 years of age or older and enrolled in either Community Living, Family, and Individual Supports or Building Independence (BI) Waivers. The person selected as the roommate must also be at least 18 years old.

You should know what to expect when it comes to morning and nighttime routines. Your roommate might butt heads if he/she stays up late and also plays loud music. The best roommate is one who has a similar schedule to yours. Be sure to explain your own schedule to prospective roommates.

Is your potential roommate usually home for lunch in the middle of the day? Several times a week, will they stay late to finish projects? You might be able to coordinate your schedules if you know your roommate’s work schedule.

There is nothing as valuable as time to yourself, but with more companies offering remote working, having a roommate who stays home all day may prevent you from having that time.

Co-Living Spaces Is Re-Imagining Shared Living For Foreign Professionals.

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