Best Rental Plans For Temporary Short Stay In Bangladesh

BanglamartBD’s Temporary Short Stay Rental Services In Bangladesh

The more personalized experience of short-term rentals has made them a suitable option to hotels. Although BanglaMartBD is the most popular place  comparison  with other short-term rental websites.

It is true that BanglaMartBD is the most recognizable name in temporary short stay rentals but it isn’t the only option when searching for unique and affordable accommodations. We’ll explain the pros and cons of the most popular BanglaMartBD’s website. All of them stand out for different reasons. No matter what kind of accommodation you want – a private room, pet-friendly accommodations or a hotel-like experience. We’ll help you figure out what’s most suitable for your needs.

Choose From Our Temporary Short Stay Options That Are Business-Friendly
1. Flexible layouts
2. Business center
3. Meeting spaces
4. Quality furniture
5. Administration
6. Low danger
7. Term flexibility


You can trust that your accommodation will contain everything needed.


We are less able to ensure a high standard of quality than a hotel.

Short Term Rentals vs Hotels

Temporary Short Stay Rentals Vs. Hotels: Which Is Better For Business Travel?

It’s highly likely that your employees will continue to use ridesharing and short-term rentals that they are already used to, even when they are on business trips. Even though services like Uber are increasingly incorporated into corporate travel policy, some questions remain regarding the best type of accommodations for business trips. We will provide you with a few factors to consider in this short guide so that you can make the best decision for your company.

How Can We Help You Manage Your Temporary Short Stay Rentals?

Our short-term rentals are about the guest’s experience, but that doesn’t mean we don’t provide everyday property management as well. We offer a variety of services that we can include in our management package at any time. Among them are:

Property regularly
Managing evictions
legal assistance
Financial sector
Full Security

Why We Are The Right Choice For Temporary Short Stay Rentals

Our clients can pick from a number of workplace styles to work in a quiet space where they can focus. There also more communal space with shared tables where conversation is encouraged. On days when they need to, they can even choose to work from home. Flexibility is essential. Our workstations allow you.

Budget friendly

Temporary office spaces or short-term tenancies like those at BanglamartBD provide everything your team needs to tackle even the most complicated projects. It costs a fraction of what it would to run your own office.


There is beautiful decor and luxurious furniture available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you won’t be nervous about entertaining a big client. There is no need to waste time or money on office decoration.

Affective Comfort
Affective Comfort

Your office space may not seem like a priority, but it is essential for keeping your team focused, engaged, and productive. The temporary short stay offices at BanglamartBD are designed to be comfortable.

Health and safety
Health and safety

BanglamartBD helps your employees stay safe on the road by conducting extensive research, ensuring that all accommodation arrangements are secure. And being available 24/7 to organize alternative travel arrangements as needed.

Managing Time
Managing Time

The workload and costs of improvised travel booking can quickly overwhelm a company with a mobile workforce. You can save time and money by utilizing the services of a dedicated corporate travel manager to create an efficient and streamlined process.


Our company helps you stay on budget by finding the best hotel, apartment, or house for your employees at the lowest price. You will find the exact hotel you are looking for with our extensive list of partner hotels and still save money with exclusive discounts.

Why Everyone Choose BanglamartBD 

Business travel is an integral part of modern life. Many companies still hold face-to-face meetings to network and communicate with clients. BanglamartBD combines its wealth of experience with an extensive list of partner hotels and excellent customer service to save your company money and also make your accommodation procurement process seamless. BanglamartBD offers an easy-to-use platform, enhanced reporting features, and also excellent customer service to help you throughout the corporate travel temporary short stay place   booking process.

Choose BanglamartBD

  We Promise You 

It is our commitment to you to deliver on our brand promise: effective communication, integrity, accurate accounts and availability of our management team. Our temporary short stay platform is integrated with the world’s leading online travel agencies. As well as third-party solutions that can help you succeed. Everything from dynamic pricing tools to noise monitoring technology to keyless entry systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find articles and instructions in English in our Help Center. We are also available in Bengali.

Any property that allows residential uses can be used as an accessory use for short-term rentals. This includes residential and mixed-use districts. Through their private covenants and rules, homeowners associations can prohibit short-term rentals.

No. The license must, however, certify under penalty of perjury that the short-term rental has a working fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm. And liability insurance to cover bodily and property damage. If the Department believes the license premises do not meet fire, building, or zoning requirements, an inspection may be require.

It is crucial to determine how much office space you will need before making inquiry, due to price and availability constraints. You will save time and money by not paying for space you don’t use.

Enjoy A Flexible Stay With Our Temporary Short Stay Rentals