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a secure house in Bangladesh

Fully Furnished apartment – Short/long term rent at Dhaka.

Bangladesh is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing foreign corporate entity hubs, given to a liberal industrial strategy that offers foreign investors a multitude of attractive options.

The Busiest Company

Every 3 minutes, someone on Spare House finds a flatmate. You can choose from a wide selection of ads.


Highest Quality
Feeling at Ease
Saving Money

 Cost Effective

You’ll spend less and get more done if you work in your branch office. It’s economical to use our services.


Money Well Spent
Investing is Not Necessary
Budget Friendly


We place the highest priority on your safety. Our team of moderators checks ads.


24 Hour Security
Monitor Services
Area of Peace

Enhanced Creativity

Creative workplace environments, creative communities, and regular educational activities like gyms.


Peaceful Surroundings
Cultural Arrangement
Indoor Gyms

We Care People

Each person’s idea of the perfect housemate is different, so think about what’s important to you.


Improved Control
Well Arranged
Good Community


It is possible for a business to operate from just one desk, with the ability to grow as necessary. 


Customer Service
Services for Rooms
A Coliving Space

Rent Serviced Home & Book Furnished Flat Rental Services in Bangladesh.

Our Shared House Spaces Offer Unbelievable Support  

A coworking space’s shared amenities and utilities contribute to cost savings. Co-working spaces offer these services as part of their services, easing financial burdens once more. It is possible for entrepreneurs to work in these places without worrying about the internet going down, office equipment breaking down, running out of Keurig cups, or any of the other problems associated with operating alone. It is also helpful to have a maintenance crew that takes care of rubbish!  

Our Shared House Spaces Offer

The Experienced Of Future Living

Common Facilities Of Our Shared House

We offer lively co-working spaces where you can meet like-minded individuals. We have thousands of shared co-working spaces across the nation where your employees can hot-desk or reserve a space. Our co-working spaces offer a number of benefits to your employees. Having a coworking space may attract talent at first since shared office spaces appeal to a variety of generations. Additionally, shared office space may improve organizational performance. It is one of the main advantages of coworking spaces that people can work from anywhere.


Flexible & Convenient

No matter how long you stay, you’ll have an easier time living, working, and playing in our community.


Involved Community

We build thriving communities through monthly events, dinners, and other gatherings.

Beautiful and Fully Furnished

Beautiful and Fully Furnished

We design beautiful and full furnished places that feel like home in the best cities in the world.


Hassle Free Services

We provide Hassle-free service. We also provide a fully furnished home with high-speed WiFi.  

Use Our Shared Space and We Will Give You a Countless Opportunity

Bangladesh has plenty of workplaces and Shared spaces where you can work efficiently. There are of course other nations where you can work with others besides Bangladesh. If you are interested in learning more about coworking spaces in other countries, visit

Faqs For Shared House in Bangladesh

Get Our Shared House at a Flexible Price. Our Team Members Are Very Co operative.

We have multiple living areas and a fully equipped kitchen. We provide high-speed internet access and security 24 hours a day. This is included in the flexible price.