Fully Furnished Shared Coliving Space In Bangladesh

Banglamart’s houses are designed to make it easier to share a home’s spatial and program functions while removing the annoyances that come with living with roommates. That means we give away everything, from toilet paper to cleaning services, for free. Through clever architectural design, community event planning, and resident assistance, Banglamart’s Shared Coliving Space strives to make house-sharing desirable and affordable for all types of inhabitants while also providing new, diversified opportunities and a vibrant community.

Fully Furnished Co living Space

Our 3 Fully Furnished Shared Co living Space Services Are

Convenient and Adaptable
Convenient and Adaptable

We make it easier for you to live, work, and play, whether it’s for three months or a year.

Community driven

Through monthly events, dinners, and other gatherings, we cultivate a dynamic community.

Fully Furnished
Beautiful & Fully Furnished 

We create beautiful spaces that feel like home in the top cities around the world.

We Provide Elegant and Fully Furnished Serviced Apartments in Dhaka

Banglamart is a human-centric community of like-minded visionaries seeking to enhance their lives on a continuous basis. We empower personal, social, and professional growth through our shared coliving spaces, services, and community. Our homes are outfitted with high-quality items from well-known companies. On a regular basis, our expert team cleans shared spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, and shared bathrooms.

Exceptional Locations

Our flats are all in convenient locations that are easily accessible and well-linked. They are completely furnished and equipped with all of the necessities.

All Inclusive

Wi-Fi, water, gas, electricity, cleaning, and community events are all included in the monthly fee. Our apartments are all equipped with amenities.

Flexible Bookings

There are no agency fees, contracts are simple to read, and pay stubs are not required. Our units can be rearranged with sufficient notice for any bookings.

Community Driven

We connect you with the right roommate when you apply for a room. Weekly events involving athletics, business are organized by our community managers.

What Makes Us Different To Ensure Furnished Shared Coliving Space?

Anyone can profit from co-living space, from students and young professionals to millennials and baby boomers, by avoiding the problems of the real estate market and living stress-free. Our shared Coliving is a response to the city’s housing dilemma, which is growing in lockstep with the coworking and ride-sharing economies.

We provide a wide range of facilities management services, which are all monitored and managed by the Banglamart site manager. Our management and support services will be customized to meet the needs of your business. All components of a contract are performed by our highly qualified team.


Weekly Cleaning




CCTV Monitoring

Fully-furnished Houses Where Privacy is Our Priority

Flexible Lifestyle

Save Money & Live With A More Economical Lifestyle

Co-living, also known as co-housing, house-sharing, or room-sharing, is becoming increasingly popular in major cities across the United States. When a group of people—often strangers—come together to share common living areas, save money, and live a more economical lifestyle, they are referred to as co-living.

We aim to provide the best experience
We make sure you meet wonderful people

Co-living apartment buildings will have 2 or 3 bedroom units with communal amenities such as a living room, kitchen, and dining area. Private or shared bedrooms and baths are available.

Free Yourself From House Maintenance & Chores

Let’s say you wish to be free of obnoxious landlords, tedious home duties, and astronomically high-security deposits, and instead enjoy the conveniences of fantastic living at reasonable pricing, a vibrant social life, and some amazing individuals to mingle with. In that case, you should go to Banglamart and take a look around. Pack your luggage and come along once you’ve reserved your property. We’ll be delighted to welcome you to the ever-expanding Banglamart Community.

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