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Sleeping Area

Sleeping Area

You will have a restful sleep tonight. The suites all have comfortable beds with plush bedding that will help you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Living Room

Living Room

We invite you to be yourself in our room. The flexible living space with a sleeper sofa comes with a TV, a workstation, and extra seating.


Water Bar

You can enjoy a midnight snack with us. The wet bar with microwave and mini-fridge provides a convenient snack station when hunger strikes.



Provide you with a easy working environment. The functional workstation, which includes a desk and ergonomic chair, is the ideal place to catch up.

Our 6 Exclusive Services For Two-Bedroom Suite

Our two-room suites have separate living rooms with sleeper sofas, kitchens, dining tables, soaking tubs, and private terraces. It is a personal retreat intended to help you decompress and experience bliss.

Live Together

The most challenging part of moving to a new area is meeting people who share the same interests and thoughts as you. Co-living is about living together with people who have similar views and ideas.


Twin-bed Bedroom
Dining Room
Bathtub Separate

Workspace Inside

You can create your own workspace in the two-bedroom suites. Our Working place gives you a very relaxed environment. You can hire us easily. We can give a very flexible room space.


Ensuite Bathroom
Executive Workstation
The Nightstand

Conflict Resolution

It is easier to avoid disagreements about laundry or hygiene duties when all the basic utilities are included in the rent. Both people and the living space are kept in harmony.


Living and dining
Herman Miller Chair
Newspapers Daily

Luxury Amenities

We also provide food and beverages with our two-bedroom suites. Luxurious amenities are reached for most retirees. Spent your best time here. We ready to give you best facilities.


Clean House Service
Internet Access via Wireless
Machine Wash & Dry

Cost Savings

It’s a more cost-effective way to live with selective people and to have all the necessities and luxuries at your disposal. All the bills are included in the rent, so there is no additional expense.


Cleaning Services
Electric Hair Dryer
Complimentary Wifi

Access to Community

It becomes easier to establish relationships with the community and get to know them. Moreover, the service allows you to connect with a larger group of like-minded people in your area.


Internet Access 24/7
Rooms Security
Modern Kitchenette

The Premium Services Of A Two Bedroom Suite Are Right At Your Doorstep

Take Our Brightfull Communal Spaces

The communal areas of a co-living place are usually shared. People tend not to like the idea of sharing these spaces, as it can sometimes lead to conflicts. Living together can sometimes be a hassle for those who share communal spaces. You need to watch out for your neighbors. You might want to move to another place without sharing communal spaces if you lack interest.

Communal Spaces

We Are Flexible, Reliable & Affordable Of Working!

Enhanced Your Living With Our Two-Bedroom Suite With BanglamartBD

The rooms at our hotel are comfortable, friendly, and unique. Find the perfect two-bedroom suite for your comfort. Our two-bedroom suites have everything you need. People who live in co-living communities are able to do so at a minimum cost and with other people of similar interests. This trend is best suited to people who want to move into a new city with the bare minimum. Two-bedroom apartments are a great option for them.



When moving to a new area, finding people with similar beliefs and interests is the most challenging task. You can live in our serviced room with these facilities.

Basic Facilities

Basic Facilities

All basic utilities are included in the rental price for our co-living two-bedroom suite, the laundry, and other flexibility we give you. Get touch with us.


Vacant Room

You can set up a meeting room for your work customers or for your family and friends if you can afford a two-bedroom apartment on your income.


Comfort & Luxury

You will have access to modern amenities, Luxury amenities including food and beverages if you choose one of our two-bedroom apartments.

Get Our Well Designed & Unique Two-Bedroom Suite

We at Banglamart offer a variety of accommodation options to Bangladesh residents and visitors alike. Do you have a group of friends that need a room? There are 2 bedrooms in our apartment, each with a spacious 1000 sq ft of living space, so it’s suitable for a group of 2 or 3 people who desire comfortable accommodations. Its stylish design is both elegant and simple in its simplicity, and it is fully furnished with all the comforts of home. This is a great setup for you and your friends.

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