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Get Shared Coworking Spaces for More Networking Opportunities

The majority of people are shifting their work habits away from traditional office spaces and toward creative co-working spaces. Our recommended shared coworking spaces will help you save money. In terms of office furniture, conference rooms, event spaces, and ergonomic furniture, this is especially true. Before starting your search for a place in Dhaka, our qualified specialists recommend that you go through our guide or contact us for more information.


Rent Serviced Offices, Co-working & Meeting Rooms With Us.

Our coworking spaces are set up to facilitate collaboration. Choose your perfect location from hundreds across the world and collaborate with like-minded people in our shared office space.

Serviced Office

Serviced Offices

Office spaces that are fully furnished and equipped with everything you require.You can easily begin working in the office.

custom office (2)

Custom Office

Private office spaces tailored to your individual business requirements and built specifically for you.

Membership (1)

Membership in the Office

For a day, a week, a month, or an indefinite period of time, work from a private office as a work friendly.

Several Advantages Of Shared Office Space That Are Unique To Startup

Bangla Mart, BD’s shared coworking spaces facilities are intended to promote collaboration. Choose your ideal Dhaka location and collaborate in our shared office space with like-minded people. To broaden your company’s horizons, reserve a dedicated desk or pop-in and hot-desk.

Working Condition
Working Conditions

Make a decision on whether you want to work in an open-plan workplace or in a shared office.

Reservation Desk
Reservations Are Taken At The Desk

Depending on your needs, you can reserve a desk by the hour, day, or month.

Desk Yours
Desk That Is All Yours

We can set aside a dedicated desk for you at a time that is convenient for you.


Enhanced Productivity With Our Coworking Space 

Our Coworking Spaces Provide

Our Coworking Spaces Provide Extremely Flexible Lease Terms

Our workspace solutions are beneficial to businesses of all sizes. All of our office space is available on flexible terms, allowing you to grow your business and even relocate if necessary. There’s no reason to wait any longer.

Keep track of your account and reservations.
Additional furniture and workstations
Risks are kept to a minimum.
Scale simply and swiftly.
Common Facilities You Find In Our Coworking Space

Collaborate with like-minded people in our lively co-working locations. Hot-desk or reserve a space in one of our shared coworking spaces, which are located in thousands of locations.There are several main benefits of our  coworking spaces for your employees. To begin with, working from a coworking space might help attract talent due to the appeal of shared office spaces among many generations. Second, shared office spaces have the potential to improve employee satisfaction. One of the main advantages of coworking spaces is that they allow people to work from anywhere.

Employee engagement, productivity, and happiness may all improve as a result of this. You’ll work alongside a varied collection of enterprises in our social co-working locations in Bangladesh. Book a dedicated workstation or a hot-desk by the hour in an open-plan or shared office environment that suits your working style. You can get down to business swiftly, collaborate, and broaden your company’s horizons in these fully-serviced facilities.

Common Facilities You Find In Our Coworking Space-compressed

Daily & Monthly terms of our fully-furnished private and secure offices.

Bangla Mart’s mission is to provide a fostering environment and community for students and young professionals who wish to flourish as entrepreneurs. It is based in Dhaka. Our space and services are available to both startups and established businesses. With a variety of member and non-member options, we provide a flexible and economical coworking solution for everyone.

FAQs For Co-Working Space Services

Discover our flexible, all inclusive serviced offices, co-working spaces, hot desk, meeting rooms and day passes.